Helping innovators to design new business models using a unique mix of energy, engineering and commercial expertise

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Business model innovation is just as vital to Net Zero as technological innovation

Energy Systems Catapult is driving business model innovation to unlock value and support credible, investable routes to market for zero carbon companies.

Well-designed business models help companies to de-risk new innovations, streamline operations and maximise the value they create for customers. At Energy Systems Catapult we take a whole systems approach to business models design, working with people throughout the sector to better understand the needs and challenges they face.

We support zero carbon companies to unlock value and find credible, investable routes to market. This is brought together by our unique mix of energy, engineering and commercial experts who can help identify, design, and validate new business models.

The Business Model Innovation team utilise a range of methods, tools and experts, including:

  • Assessing new and emerging business models in energy and future market opportunities and barriers.
  • Designing and iterating new business models by exploring markets, customers and approaches.
  • Assessing existing business models and exploring risks and opportunities for the future.
  • Designing tests to de-risk business models and provide assurance.
  • Creating go-to-market strategies with business plans, commercial models and product roadmaps.

We work with a range of organisations

Start-ups and scale-ups

Net Zero innovators with disruptive new ideas wanting to ground them in viable business models, looking to grow their position, seek investment or refine their approach.

Product and service companies in the energy sector

Looking to understand the future risks and opportunities of existing business models, or design, test and launch new innovations to the market.


Local authorities, community groups and local partnerships

Organisations looking at new approaches that will help local areas transition to Net Zero

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What we offer

Designing, testing and evaluating innovative Business Models with support from Energy Systems Catapult capabilities.

Case Studies

Business Model Innovation through Energy Launchpad

Ventive started out as a designer and manufacturer of innovative passive ventilation systems, before expanding into developing a smart, zero carbon home solution, that includes: low carbon heating and cooling, electrical and thermal energy storage, hot and cold water and ventilation all in one box – Ventive Home.

Ventive secured a pilot project with Nottingham City Council to demonstrate the feasibility of Net Zero retrofitting of social housing at a reasonable cost.

  • The tenant gets great indoor air quality, excellent levels of comfort and dramatically lower energy bills.
  • The local authority or housing association get a simple to install and cost-effective whole house retrofit solution, with all technologies accessible in the one box plugged into the outside of the home.

Following a rigorous Innovator Challenge application process for start-ups developing innovative smart heating and cooling solutions, Energy Launchpad selected Ventive to receive support for commercial development.

Watch the case study:

Ventive needed to better understand which market segments were ready for complex retrofit solutions, what business models could finance their product and how to deliver improved consumer services.

Energy Launchpad delivered for Ventive:

  • Segmented the market, quantified the opportunities and prioritised sectors based the value Ventive created.
  • A viable “Comfort-as-a-Service” commercial model that makes Ventive Home more affordable for both tenant and landlord.
  • Evidence for Nottingham City Council (and other housing housing providers) how Ventive could support their plans to retrofit around 20,000 homes in response to the climate emergency.

Where are Ventive now?

  • Ventive begin manufacturing their Ventive Home innovation from May, 2022 with 7,500 systems set for UK homes within 18 months.
  • New and bespoke manufacturing facility at Hartlebury, Worcestershire, creating 40 new jobs.
  • Production set to rise to 100,000 by 2025, to accelerate the UK’s drive towards Net Zero.

How to work with us

We are not-for-profit, independent and technology-agnostic – building a trusted track record of delivering thought leadership, collaborative R&D and commercial commissions – so are uniquely placed to take on the challenges that others cannot tackle.

Collaborate with us: We work with partners from the public and private sectors to secure funding and collectively deliver the innovation projects and thought leadership that tackle the hardest challenges in the way to Net Zero.

Commission us: We offer independent support, evidence and insights – with technical, commercial and policy expertise – to identify and deliver Net Zero innovation priorities. Then actively support clients to develop actionable plans for implementation.

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