A comprehensive suite of high-quality Net Zero datasets to support and speed up your Net Zero journey

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Access the Net Zero data you need for your local area

Energy Systems Catapult has developed a series of cost effective, high-quality datasets born from over 30 years of expertise enabling you to identify suitable project locations and facilitating project design and delivery. Net Zero Data helps streamline the decision-making process. 

Leveraging our experience in data analysis, modelling, spatial analysis, and Local Area Energy Planning, we’ve developed high quality datasets to quickly answer questions in common project feasibility assessments, based on our algorithms supported by detailed methodology documentation, all ready to use. This innovative approach equips local authorities, network operators, and renewable technology installers with insights that open data alone cannot, to strategically target potential areas suitable for Net Zero initiatives. 

Net Zero Data is available right away and ready-to-use reducing the resource overheads associated with specifying, sourcing, conditioning, processing, analysing, and presenting the data in a usable format. By accessing data that’s ready to use, it allows immediate decisions to be made without waiting months for custom-made datasets to be commissioned.  

We offer various data bundles that align to common project themes: 

  • Potential locations for renewables and storage
  • Potential locations for renewable heat
  • Potential locations for building retrofits
  • Potential locations for electric vehicle chargers

Cost effective

Datasets and bundles are available as a one-off purchase or subscription for continual access to up-to-date data. 

Discounted bundles

Net Zero Data is available in bundles built around common use cases and project types.

Region specific

Net Zero Data covers GB, however data is made available at the local authority (district/borough) region level using the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN), as standardised by Ordnance Survey, allowing you to integrate and overlay your own data. 

Regular updates

When new data is made available via data sources such as the Ordnance Survey National Geographic Database (OS NGD) API, our proprietary methodologies are recalculated daily ensuring data is never out of date.

Platform agnostic

Net Zero Data is platform/visualisation tool agnostic and data is made available in common file formats that are compatible with any GIS tool, as well as API access. 

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Data options

Available in bundles for specific project types or as individual data sets.

Updated frequently, most updated daily, so you can be certain you are purchasing the latest data.

Whether you purchase a one-off download or subscribe for 24/7 access to the latest data.

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Data & Visualisation package

Net Zero Data is visualisation platform agnostic, which means the datasets and bundles can be visualised using any Geographic Information System (GIS) platform. For local authorities that don’t have a GIS platform, the Catapult is able to offer cost-effective access to the LAEP+ GIS platform powered by Advanced Infrastructure.

The Data & Visualisation package allows users to access Advanced Infrastructure’s LAEP+ tool including the creation of custom maps to identify suitable sites for low carbon technologies, network capacity and energy demand forecasting, with the additional benefit of accessing and uploading a range of Energy Systems Catapult datasets, enabling comprehensive coverage..

By utilising the granular data included in the data and visualisation package, Local authorities can translate wider plans into specific projects detailing local volumes of assets, shortlists of addresses and total benefits for the area that is designed to be exported and shared with stakeholders in an easy to visualise tool.

The LAEP+ platform is already being used by many local authorities across the UK including Oxfordshire County Council and Dundee City Council as well as distribution network operators including UK Power Networks and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Create Custom Maps with Data

Create customer maps for your local authority, prepopulated with Catapult data and hundreds of open datasets.

Assess Sites for Low Carbon Projects

Assess the suitability of sites, based on location, building characteristics, network capacity, demographics and much, much more.

From Plans to Projects

Translate wider plans into specific projects detailing local volumes of assets, shortlists of address, total benefits of an area, viewing data as exportable charts, graphs, tables and maps.

Why buy data from Energy Systems Catapult?

We wrote the book on Local Area Energy Planning (LAEP).

Energy Systems Catapult has developed tried and tested methodologies for location identification, by experts in local energy planning. These datasets don’t replace a LAEP or an area master plan but are designed to get you started in your projects faster.

You still need to do a full assessment as part of your project process and Net Zero Go has the tools you need to accelerate the rest of your project process. 

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