Net Zero sites made simpler… we can help you to make energy savings and cut emissions across industrial estates with award-winning teamwork, ground-breaking guidance and the latest innovative thinking

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Turbocharging industrial sites to Net Zero

Our Sites platform helps you decarbonise industrial estates with simplicity, speed and scale thanks to our industry-leading guidance, tools and insights. Whether you are a customer, partner, or supplier, we harness the trailblazing work of government and industry to ensure you and your project benefit from the latest best practice and innovation.

Decarbonising Industrial sites

We help you find the opportunities in the difficult challenge of decarbonisation. Working together with site operators, we develop methods that minimise cost, employ the right technologies, and support the business case for sustainable, seamless, Net Zero sites. By taking on the challenges that others can’t, and fusing the best of government, industry and research, we turbocharge your progress.

Driving real-world impact with Data you can depend on

For successful decarbonisation, you need a deep understanding of how estates are performing. We use reliable, real-world data to build better solutions, driving decarbonisation best practice and unlocking progress. And by sharing our trusted data with innovators and those delivering decarbonisation projects, we can support the success and scale needed to realise the UK’s Net Zero ambitions.

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Pioneering a whole systems approach to accelerating sites to Net Zero

Case Studies

Decarbonising Industrial Clusters

The Milford Haven : Energy Kingdom project set our to detail how the complex structures of policy, regulation, markets, technologies and interoperability – along with other energy vectors such as natural gas and electricity – could enable hydrogen to form an integrated part of a smart local energy system.

Milford Haven has staked a claim to be at the forefront of the Net Zero transition, with an industrial cluster that can handle 30% of total UK gas demand, is home to Europe’s largest gas-fired power station that supplies electricity to 3.5 million homes and businesses, has ambitions to build 90MW of floating offshore wind, supports 5,000 jobs and injects £324m to the Pembrokeshire economy.

Our Systems Engineering team produced a Systems Architecture report for Milford Haven with support from over 40 organisations, as part of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme funded by InnovateUk.

The report explored future energy system architectures, that combine technology, the interconnectivity between them and data; with markets, trading platforms and policies; with business models and defined organisational governance. The aim of these designs is to provide:

  • The basis for a roadmap for the next phases of development and implementation
  • Confidence to innovators and investors in the future longevity of investments in hydrogen
  • A common basis of understanding for all stakeholders wishing to contribute to the Milford Haven : Energy Kingdom.

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