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Accelerating Networks towards Net Zero

Energy Systems Catapult are experts in whole-systems decarbonisation, so whatever support your Network needs on your Net Zero journey, talk to us about how we can help you.

Seize your systems future

We deliver trusted whole systems insights to help you future-proof assets, develop new business models and maintain operability right to the edge of your network and to consumers beyond.

Navigate systems complexity

Our unique blend of technology, digital and systems integration expertise, coupled with access to cutting-edge innovators helps networks identify emerging challenges and solutions for the Net Zero transition.

Invest confidently in local infrastructure

We support better local decision-making, in step with regional and national strategies, with local area energy plans, independent evidence and stakeholder alignment.​

Deliver a just transition

Our leading Fair Futures programme delivers innovation, trials and evidence to help Networks support low income and vulnerable consumers.

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Case Studies

Future Energy Grids for Wales

The Senedd Cymru has set the highly ambitious target for Wales to reach Net Zero by 2050. Welsh Government intends to establish Wales as a global leader both in technologies that will power the future, and in global responsibility.

But Wales’ Net Zero ambitions require a re-examination of the infrastructure needed to deliver rapid and effective change, and to ensure Wales’ citizens are not left behind because of infrastructure designed for past needs.

The Welsh Government appointed Energy Systems Catapult, as an independent and trusted body, to develop scenarios of the various paths Wales could take to decarbonise the energy system, drawing on the perspectives of a wide range of people across Wales for the Future Energy Grids for Wales project.

The Catapult used their Energy System Modelling Environment (ESME) to develop future scenarios for a Net Zero Welsh energy system by 2050. These scenarios, including different sensitivities, were supported by a review of existing evidence and engagement with network operators, Ofgem, and the Welsh Government.  There were two baseline whole energy system scenarios developed for Wales called ‘Technology-Optimistic’ and ‘Societally Optimistic’, which each focus respectively on a narrative with success in technology innovation and improved consumer awareness and engagement.

The Future Energy Grids for Wales report found:

Achieving Net Zero requires a fundamental change in how the Welsh energy system is planned, developed, integrated and operated. Carbon Budgets and infrastructure and market lead times, mean many actions are needed soon.

Key changes and impacting factors include:

  • Significant network reinforcement will be required across electricity distribution and transmission networks, driven by increases in peak demand and renewables.
  • Substantial electrification across heat, transport and industry (annual electricity demand rose by up to 20TWh by 2050 in the scenarios assessed), but there are challenges with meeting peak demands, particularly peak heat –other technology options need to be explored.
  • A large increase in renewable deployment in Wales (up to 6.6GW in 2030 and 18.2GW by 2050).
  • The scale and production method for hydrogen which has a significant impact on the whole energy system, (e.g. green hydrogen increases electricity demand).

The reports set out 12 recommendations and detail on the implications for energy networks in Wales.

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