A superpower partnership for UK and India innovation. Join the innovators and industry leaders shaping our transport systems future.

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Turbocharging progress across India, the UK and beyond on one of Net Zero’s toughest challenges – cleaner transport

For the first time, ITES brings together a superpower coalition of high-impact innovators, researchers, policy makers, businesses, and investors, to unlock the ideas and action Net Zero needs, at scale and speed.

From delivering world-first pilots, to developing new business models and infrastructure, we reach across the whole system to find solutions to the toughest transport challenges, powering progress on cleaner seas, skies, cities, roads and railways.

UK innovation, made in India

ITES is backed by UK and Indian Governments, Innovate UK and led by Energy Systems Catapult, in partnership with the renowned Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

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What we offer

Innovators: Tackle scalability. Get safe access to India’s booming market, at your pace.

No matter your stage or size, we help you serve India and the UK’s growing demand for Net Zero transport innovations. Get support from incubation to demonstration, helping you design, test, collaborate and grow with confidence, in India and beyond.

Industry project partners: Work with high-impact innovators. Influence change. Be a first mover. Compete across borders.

Help design, enable and deliver pilots across India, and get unique access to whole system data and insights. ITES is a unique opportunity for businesses to steer solutions, be at the forefront of new models and markets, and help drive the Net Zero transition.

Indian business opportunities for

project partnership

ITES News, Reports, Insights and Events


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Government-backed support for innovators to take clean tech to India

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ITES Impact Report Year 1 (2022/23)

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What we do

Shape the future of transport systems and address market challenges in India and the UK

By bringing together a powerful coalition of cross-sector leaders across the value chain, academia and government with cutting-edge research, whole system insight, and the best high-potential innovations, ITES makes it quicker and easier to develop the new technologies and solutions Net Zero needs.

Help SMEs design, test and grow safely

ITES provides a springboard for SMEs to understand opportunities and safely trial solutions in India, taking ideas from lab to market, and connecting you with the ecosystem to develop products, services and business models that succeed.

Equip leaders for better decisions, with rock-solid data from real-world pilots

We provide evidence from high-quality pilots for informed decision-making on policy and regulation, and investment in priority innovations.

Unlock action with insights from across the whole system

ITES unlocks business models and solutions that work in the real world by looking at the whole system – from consumer acceptance to supporting infrastructure and impact on the energy generation system.

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ITES priorities

We’re currently focusing on innovations and solutions where the transport and energy sector meet, for example:

  • Installation and testing of charge point technologies
  • Flexibility solutions such as smart charging and V2G
  • E-mobility solutions
  • Software for optimisation of transport energy use
  • Energy storage / generation solutions linked to transport
  • Testing of new business models and types of consumer engagement
  • Installation and testing of clean energy supply for EV charging
  • System solutions for fleet decarbonisation
  • The role of hydrogen in decarbonising the transport sector
  • Whole system modelling to assess transport decarbonisation pathways

Learn more about ITES and our partners

Innovating for Transport and Energy Systems (ITES)

Led by Energy Systems Catapult, in partnership with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), ITES is a Government-backed partnership harnessing the UK and India’s rich reputation for science, innovation and technology.

ITES is part of a landmark partnership between the UK and India to boost research, innovation and investment between the two countries. ITES is backed by the UK Department for Science Innovation and Technology and UK Research and Innovation.

The ITES initiative is part of the UK-India Net Zero Innovation Virtual Centre. Facilitated by the UK Science and Innovation Network in India, the virtual hub aims to maximise the UK-India science and tech partnership to accelerate the path to Net Zero. It focuses on three key areas:

  1. Decarbonising transport systems (the ITES initiative).
  2. Decarbonising manufacturing processes.
  3. Place-based innovation twins for Net Zero.

Accelerate, Turbo Boost, Design

Energy Systems Catapult was launched in 2015 with a mission to accelerate the transformation to a Net Zero economy, turbo boost clean growth innovators, and to design the decarbonised energy system of the future.

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and work directly with Net Zero innovators to test, trial, and scale their ideas. Our whole systems approach to innovation helps us identify barriers to decarbonisation, enabling us to create solutions that work for people, place, and planet.

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Join UK-India innovators, investors, market leaders and decision-makers making the transport and energy transition happen

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