Eric Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Eric is Chief Technology Officer at Energy Systems Catapult, providing expert insight and guidance on cutting-edge energy sector innovation both internally and across a range of external advisory bodies.

Meet Eric Brown

Eric joined Innovate UK in April 2014 as Energy Systems Catapult Programme Manager. In this role he supported strategy development and planning and, in addition, led projects aimed at building early capability and presence for Energy Systems Catapult. In April 2015, when the Catapult was fully established, he became Interim Head of Strategy and Innovation. In 2016, Eric became Innovation Director and in 2019 moved to Chief Technology Officer.

Eric combines an electrical engineering background with many years experience in the telecommunications industry. He began his career in product and technology roles with major international organisations including Nortel Networks and Hewlett Packard. He then worked as an independent consultant with start-up network operators in various European countries as they sought to build the infrastructure that would enable them to deliver services in competitive markets. This led to co-founding a company that supported operators and their partners in defining and delivering Networks and Operations Support Systems solutions to address the demands of substantial technology and business change. More recently he has become engaged in the energy sector, where a particular interest is the use of ICT to enable and support evolution of energy systems.

Educated in Canada, Eric has a BSc in Mathematics and Physics, a BEng in Electrical Engineering and an MSc in Electrical Engineering. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the IET.

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