Pioneering electric vehicle study shows up to 95% of consumers happy to use ‘smart charging’
A three-year study into how drivers might use electric vehicles and the resulting impact on the energy system has found that up to 95% of people would be happy to use ‘smart charging’ – if it cut their energy bills.
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Setting carbon standards for energy key to achieving ‘Net Zero’ economy
Setting carbon standards for energy could unleash the innovation needed to achieve a ‘Net Zero’ economy, particularly in hard-to-tackle sectors like heating, according to a new study by Energy Systems Catapult.
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Energy Data Taskforce makes five key recommendations
The Energy Data Taskforce, commissioned by Government, Ofgem, and Innovate UK, has set out five key recommendations that will modernise the UK energy system and drive it towards a Net Zero carbon future through an integrated data and digital strategy throughout the sector.
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"The recommendations in this report will help to ensure data is at the forefront of our low carbon energy system which will continue to go from strength to strength as we power towards becoming a net zero economy by 2050."

Chris Skidmore MP, Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth

Net Zero: Living Carbon Free
The Committee on Climate Change has advised that the UK should set a Net-Zero emissions target for 2050, including emissions from aviation and shipping.In this supporting analysis, Energy Systems Catapult has explored net zero from the point of view of households.
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Home energy simulation tool could revolutionise low carbon heating design
A new, data-driven approach to designing low carbon heating and retrofit solutions for existing homes could help minimise the costs of upgrading the UK’s 27 million homes to meet climate targets, according to a study.
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Home Energy Dynamics
Smart Systems and Heat
Domestic heating accounts for around 20% of total UK carbon emissions. Yet digital technology has the potential to make low carbon heat a better, more consumer-friendly option for all UK households. So Energy Systems Catapult is delivering the UK’s largest smart, consumer-focused project aimed at overcoming the barriers to the decarbonisation of residential heat, to help the UK supply chain can benefit from major opportunities for innovation in technologies and business models.
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Innovator Support Platform
Energy Systems Catapult works with innovative companies of all sizes to develop, test and scale their ideas, products and services with tailored support to address systemic barriers, de-risk innovation, help businesses scale and secure investment. The three-tiered support, includes: Universal support available to all SMEs, Incubation support for selected SMEs, and Acceleration support to scale-up for high-impact potential SMEs.
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Energy Systems Catapult Brochures and Guides
An Introduction to Interoperability in the Energy Sector
Interoperability is seen by many in the energy sector as key to unlocking flexibility services. However, the word interoperability is often used narrowly to describe the compatibility between interfacing pieces of technology. Energy Systems Catapult has produced this paper that argues interoperability should be considered more broadly. Understanding its wider implications will be essential if the energy system and consumers of energy are to benefit from the potential of digitisation.
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Bid Opportunities
Energy Systems Catapult identifies opportunities to take part in industry funded partnership programmes to deliver collaborative projects. Our Funding Tracker provides details of some of the current funding opportunities in the Energy Industry as well as tenders and calls from Energy Systems Catapult.
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