Jon Saltmarsh

Chief Technology Officer

Jon is Chief Technology Officer, he works to identify key innovation challenges and drives a range of major new research, knowledge and product development initiatives.


Meet Jon Saltmarsh

Jon Saltmarsh is our Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for identifying the key innovation challenges where the Catapult can have most impact and providing the technical direction to deliver practical insights and solutions.

His role includes driving forward major new initiatives within the Catapult, in areas such as flexibility, developing a products business, improving knowledge management, and supporting internal research across the net zero innovation space.

Prior to joining the Catapult in January 2023, Jon had over 30 years’ experience in the public and private sectors in both energy and defence. This focused on identifying and exploiting opportunities for new technologies to deliver transformative change. He initiated the government’s innovation programme on hydrogen for heating. More recently, he was responsible for providing the central technical, engineering and research-based evidence and advice to all DESNZ policy teams delivering the net zero energy system.

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