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Energy Systems Catapult can quickly support innovators to identify, develop and test solutions that extract new value from their data. We are home to some of the UK’s leading, independent data experts with a breadth of experience across industry, research and consulting.

Our experts draw on this experience to select the best techniques that extract the most value from your data, saving you time and accelerating the growth of your business.

We don’t favour particular techniques over others. This impartiality enables our work to be completely customised for your specific needs, ensuring the most appropriate and efficient solutions are defined.

Combining the latest scientific thinking with our own experience at the forefront of AI, we are uniquely positioned to solve your data queries and unlock new value from the low carbon economy.

The Challenge and Opportunity

Data has the potential to be as valuable to this century’s low carbon energy transition as oil, gas and coal were in the 20th century. However, data must be refined to allow us to unearth valuable information.

Businesses are increasingly struggling with how to securely organise, store and extract value from big data, which is where we come in.

We can help not only extract valuable insights from big data that are crucial to cutting operational costs, optimising investments and reducing risks in the energy industry, but also help you develop smart energy systems that capture new value from the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy.

The Solution

Our Data Science team can give you the information you need to reduce the risk of decision making, even within the uncertain and complex future facing the energy system.

Our capabilities include the full breadth of machine learning, predictive modelling and optimisation methods. We have experience using supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning techniques with energy data. Models our AI team build include clustering, time series analysis and neural networks

Using real-time prediction and control algorithms, our data science expertise can enable you to reduce costs by creating value through optimisation.

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Data Science and AI Solutions

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