‘An Introductory Guide to the GB Energy Industry’: Chapter 6 – Energy Policy

Published: 20 March 2019

‘An Introductory Guide to the GB Energy Industry’ is a series of eight separate chapters commissioned by Energy Systems Catapult and Energy Innovation Centre. This is Chapter 6 – Energy Policy.

It provides a succinct overview of the current structure, key players, and emerging trends of this rapidly evolving market. It is aimed at those new to the sector, those looking for a broader perspective and those with sector experience looking to consolidate their understanding.

It won’t make you an expert in 40 pages, but it will give you a clearer picture of the current state of the market. We have provided nine key sections detailing the key areas of the market. These are:

  • The role of government
  • Historic role of the trilemma
  • Overview of subsidies and support
  • Large scale low carbon
  • Small scale low carbon
  • Low carbon cost controls
  • Energy security
  • Capacity market
  • Current energy policy focus

The complete guide will also be available as a PDF download once all of the chapters have been released.

Each section has been authored by a subject expert from Cornwall Energy.

View infographic.