Living Lab: a national asset for home energy innovation

Published: 8 July 2021

Gain real-world insights on your domestic energy innovation

Our Living Lab has been helping energy innovators since 2015. We’ve used sensors to see beyond what people say to what they do. We’ve used models to relate behaviour to the energy system. This has shown us that there are lots of ways to improve people’s experiences using energy at home.

With hundreds of digitally connected homes around the UK, our Living Lab can help you to design and then test smart energy services through our digital, online portal. With real people in real homes, we offer your service to residents through the trial, a great way to find out if people like your offer and what they might be willing to pay for it.


The Living Lab is open for a wide variety of domestic energy trials


A Living Lab trial is an excellent way to evaluate your product or service as we can draw upon wider Catapult expertise and capabilities – including Consumer Insight, Digital & Data, Business Model Innovation and Systems Integration – as well as the skills and expertise of our partners.


Key benefits to trialling in the Living Lab


Join a number of successful SME Innovators who have used our Living Lab to date. Find out more about our Living Lab, or download our sales brochure. You can also contact us to discuss starting your own trial in our Living Lab.