UK Digital Energy Landscape Infographic – UPDATED

Published: 30 March 2020

Two hundred and twelve companies have been identified by Energy Systems Catapult in the first scoping of the UK’s Digital Energy Landscape.

The digital transformation of energy has the potential to rapidly transform the UK energy system. We want to bring innovative companies together – to identify gaps in the market and synergies in their offerings – to deliver the integrated solutions that will benefit consumers.


The Digital Energy Challenge and Opportunity

The fast-growing energy sector has businesses spanning digital and data platforms, services and physical assets – across residential, commercial, industrial and grid markets.

Digitalisation is already beginning to improve the performance of existing assets and infrastructure; while services are emerging, driven by data, that may unlock value across the whole system.

The Catapult is aiming to identify opportunities and gaps for innovators to capitalise on, as the energy sector transforms in the coming years.


Our Approach to the Digital Landscape

Our initial scoping of the Digital Energy Services Landscape identified 184 companies across the UK. We then called on digital energy businesses to scrutinise the infographic that was created to decide if they had been correctly classified or identified at all, before engaging with our Innovator Support Platform to suggest any changes or omissions.

Following feedback from businesses throughout the UK, we have UPDATED the infographic to feature 212 companies across 18 categories.

We want to bring innovative companies together – to identify gaps in the market and synergies in their offerings – to deliver the integrated solutions that will benefit consumers.

As a result we need clear visibility of the companies that are innovating in this space and the types of innovations that are emerging – so policy-makers, regulators, investors, and indeed innovators themselves, can remove barriers to energy system integration and drive the scale-up that will enable the UK to lead the world in energy system transformation.


Updated Digital Energy Companies

Here’s a list of some of the new UK digital energy companies that have made it onto the list:

Consumer Services- Digital Utilities

  • Ripple Energy
  • Gilmond

Service Providers

  • Pivot Power
  • Sero Energy
  • Energy Trading Ireland
  • Zenobe Energy
  • Recurve
  • Arbnco

EV Car Sharing and Pooling

  • Drive Now
  • E-Car Club

Charging Point Platforms

  • OHME
  • EV Box
  • Pod Points
  • APT Control
  • E-Carni
  • Energeo
  • EO Charging
  • Nuvve

Energy Price Comparison Services

  • Big Clean Switch
  • OnGen
  • Bionic

P2P Energy Trading

  • Resilience Energy
  • AMPX
  • Scene Connect

Smart Energy Management

  • SIG
  • Kaluza

Predictive Maintenance

Vehicle to Grid

  • Indra
  • EV Energy
  • Commercial Aggregators
  • Pearlstone Energy
  • REstore
  • VPS
  • UK Power Reserve
  • Commercial Power

Chargepoint Operators

  • Genie Point
  • SourceWest
  • Recharge
  • LiFe

Local Energy System Data Analytics- Microgrid

  • Smart Power Systems
  • Infinite Renewables

Constraint Management

  • Argand Solutions

Distributed Energy Resources

  • ZIV Automation

Smart Meter Data

  • Energy Assets
  • Hildebrand
  • J-Teq
  • Prescience


UK Digital Energy Transformation

Innovation in digitalisation and data science is crucial to transforming the UK energy system to meet carbon reduction targets and achieve our clean growth ambitions.

Energy Systems Catapult offers a range of Digital and Data assets and expertise to help innovators unlock new energy solutions.

We’ve also launched a new Innovator Support Portal – providing SMEs with an online gateway to investors and international opportunities in the energy sector.