Preparing BlockDox for international market expansion

Block Dox is a Net Zero energy innovator. It uses proprietary technology to collate data from a range of sources to provide actionable insights to building managers, enabling smarter, more cost-effective facilities management.

Blending real-time occupancy data with indoor air quality and other energy usage data, such as temperature and weather conditions, allows better demand side management, improved productivity and boosted revenue.

BlockDox identifies opportunities to better utilise floor space and save energy from lighting, heating and air conditioning. The organisation sought support from the Catapult to refine their market proposition for a virtual mission to Thailand where they aimed to penetrate new international markets. Energy Systems Catapult supported Block Dox through its Energy Launchpad & International team with help on pitching to customers, partners and investors, analysis on competitors and their target market.

The Innovation

Buildings are responsible for more than 33% of carbon emissions, yet most are managed based on fixed assumptions rather than real-time data.

BlockDox developed a Demand Control Ventilation model for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Implementing demand-driven HVAC operations could save up to 56% of HVAC related energy consumption or 27% of total building energy consumption.

The intelligent software platform looks at important data from within a space, whether it’s an office building, rail station, school or hospital. The insights inform management strategies with real-time data and measure the results, feeding back what is working and what needs to be improved, relying on a variety of parameters including occupancy, air quality and energy consumption.

The Challenge

As part of an export mission to Thailand to support BlockDox’s international growth ambitions, the business knew that they’d need to review and assess their go to market offer, approach and pitch deck for the new territory.

Energy Systems Catapult’s Energy Launchpad and International team were consulted to help BlockDox leaders understand the suitability of the Thailand market for their solution and to ensure that their current market proposition and go-to-market messaging was fit for purpose in this geography.

Additionally, to access the Thai market, BlockDox required an on-the-ground legal entity to partner with and a clear vision for who their target customers would be via that reseller partner agreement.

The Solution

Energy Systems Catapult’s Energy Launchpad and International team helped BlockDox prepare for the Thailand mission and partnered with several in-country experts to enhance their knowledge and capabilities. the Catapult supported the business to:

  • Define the suitability of the market in Thailand.
  • Conduct competitor and market analysis.
  • Deliver bespoke training on Thai business culture.
  • Translate the pitch deck into Thai.
  • Hone the SLT’s advanced commercial pitching skills and reinforce best practice, as it relates to the new international audience.
  • Refine and unify the go-to-market messaging across a range of touchpoints.
  • Evolve their existing investor presentation into a winning pitch deck to accelerate their go-to-market and product development plans.
  • Identify potential partners and customers in Thailand, facilitating meetings between BlockDox, and a shortlist of interested partners and customers.


BlockDox believe that the changes they made to their pitch deck contributed to securing around £450,000 of funding which will be used to commercialise the product and take it to market.

They also acknowledge that the culture training made a real difference to the business, influencing their market entry strategy and the identification of a Thai based agent.

Furthermore, the contacts identified and arranged meetings have led to BlockDox securing a Bangkok based agent and receiving requests for proposals from interested customers.

Next Steps

Having gained traction in Thailand, new territories in Asia and the USA are on the company’s radar.  Another round of investment will prime the business to scale, supported by a light digital fitness assessment in consultation with Energy Systems Catapult.

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