GreenEnco: Innovating for Clean Air

GreenEnco is a technical consultancy and engineering service provider working in solar, energy storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure projects.

GreenEnco were selected to join a two-phase trade mission to India with Energy Systems Catapult to install and test a solar powered EV charging station in partnership with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). The objective of the proof-of-concept install was to produce the data necessary to validate the performance of the system, understand consumer charging behaviour, develop their commercial charging fees mechanism and build in-territory relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders.

The challenge 

GreenEnco needed to demonstrate zero carbon transportation within a pilot scale and create a platform for further study for IISc. Bengaluru on the below subjects:

  • Technical data analysis of solar PV performance and EV charging mechanism.
  • Commercial charging fees mechanism.
  • Customer behaviour of EV users.
  • Policy framework of e-mobility – challenges and opportunities.

The pilot sought to attract two and three-wheel Transvahan vehicles operating within the campus.

GreenEnco required support for the pilot from Energy Systems Catapult and IISc, not only with providing the space and support in getting the right regulatory approvals but with consumer research to understand behaviour and charging preferences.

The business also wanted to engage with vehicle manufacturers in India to perform technical competency checks and charge station/vehicle interoperability. The aim of the activities is to address user confidence and encourage consumers to use the charging facilities.

The innovation

As part of the Innovating for Clear Air in Bengaluru project, GreenEnco designed and developed a Zero emission Electric Vehicle charging station. They sought to install the integrated solution of solar PV with battery storage and EV charging infrastructure at the IISc campus.

The major system components included:

  • Innovative half-cut mono PERC solar module – 6.4kWp
  • Hybrid inverter enabling battery storage integration – 5kWp
  • Battery storage – 4kWh
  • AC charging unit – 3kW

The charging facility would be primarily used by the fleet of electric three-wheel vehicles that operate within the campus, providing the opportunity to the EV charger supplier to, for the first time, showcase and test the specific model to the India market.

The solution

  • GreenEnco were given the opportunity to partner with the pre-identified SMEs in India and supported to set up the demonstration project.
  • Energy Systems Catapult also provided:
  • Up to £5,000 funding for activities during the project and to cover costs for the pilot projects.
  • The opportunity to participate in a series of workshops and webinars to understand the EV market in India.
  • Networking opportunities with project partners and stakeholders.
  • Access to the Catapult’s team of experts during the pilot projects.
  • Pitchbook development.
  • Energy Systems Catapult supported the development of the pilot project, provided oversight and coordination of the pilot activities and provided technical expertise on the development of the trials and payments app.
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Supporting GreenEnco to develop EV charging infrastructure in India

The impact

  • Partnering with a research institute provided the opportunity to expand the pilot project and use the installation for further R&D activities, including a mobile application for the charging station – thus bringing the solution closer to commercialisation.
  • GreenEnco gained a data-informed understanding on how users perceive the concept of using solar generated electricity to power their vehicles.
  • GreenEnco showcased the concept to a range of stakeholders, increased familiarity with new innovations and explore research opportunities related to charge point and its usage.
  • An open day was held with the Director of IISc., Bengaluru) and Deputy British High Commissioner, Bengaluru to officially mark the first day of the pilot.

Next steps

  • The pilot attracted a lot of attention from other companies in India.
  • GreenEnco are having initial exploratory discussions on how the solution can be replicated at other locations in India, including the Office of the High Commissioner.
  • The project showcased how a UK based company can deliver an installation remotely without any visits to India.
  • GreenEnco worked with local suppliers and partners and have established a process that will allow them to enter the India market and replicate the solution with minimum travelling and operational costs.

Jyotirmoy Roy Founder & CEO, GreenEnco

“We are committed to overcoming today’s environmental challenges related to climate emergency, under the Innovation or Clean Air initiative, supported by Energy Systems Catapult in the UK.”

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