Local Energy Systems Scottish Industry Network (LESSIN)

Local Energy Systems Scottish Industry Network (LESSIN) was delivered by the Energy Systems Catapult to bring together Scottish industry participants and support the development of their businesses within the growing LES sector. It was a partnership initiative supported by Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and South of Scotland Enterprise, part-funded by the 2014–2020 European Structural and Investment Fund.

The Challenge

Prior to LESSIN there were various stakeholders involved in the LES sector but no formal network connecting them to explore project opportunities, receive tailored 1-2-1 SME support, raise awareness of Local Energy Systems in Scotland and signpost to support organisations to help the Local Energy Systems Flourish in Scotland.

The Innovation

The series of procurement activities, with Local Partnerships, have been carried out to help local authorities overcome their challenges related to procurement.

These activities have included the design and leadership of an innovator workshop, the development of a procurement framework finder tool, procurement specific case studies. and an online guide to direct users to the most relevant resources.

The tools and resources developed were used by Local Partnerships with Birmingham City Council on a housing retrofit project, validating their use and relevance for local authorities.

The Solution

Energy Systems Catapult along with delivery partner Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) provided 1-2-1 support to Scottish SME’s while also working closely with Academia, Local Government, Energy Utilities and Large Industry. This Whole Systems Approach to Energy involving multiple stakeholders was vital to uncovering the challenges and opportunities for Scotland.

The Catapult developed an online LESSIN Portal. Over 260 people joined the portal where they received monthly newsletters, information on regular themed LESSIN and partner events, latest industry news and resources and opportunities to network.


Scottish SMEs were supported as follows;

  • 150 SMEs supported through 318 LESSIN Activities
  • 19 Scottish SMEs received 7 or more hours of support through the LESSIN programme – targeted support where it is needed has provided 258 hours of support between the 19 SMEs
  • A further 12 Scottish SMEs received 5 or more hours of support
  • 7 SMEs were supported to introduce new-to-market products
  • Strong relationships were built with multiple LES Stakeholders who saw the need for a collaborative approach to achieving Net Zero.

Next Steps 

It is an exciting time for Local Energy Systems development in Scotland and there are numerous opportunities to explore.
Energy Systems Catapult collaborate with industry, academia, and government to overcome the systemic barriers of the current energy market to help unleash the potential of new products, services and value chains required to achieve the UK’s clean growth ambitions.

Jon Cape - Managing Director, Power Circle Projects

"LESSIN has provide a valuable resource for Power Circle Projects Ltd in particular by helping us to engage with others in the smart local energy field and keeping us abreast of what else is going on in our sector.”

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