Review of Electricity Market Arrangements: Response to the second consultation

Energy Systems Catapult welcomes the opportunity to respond to the second consultation for the Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA), building on our response to the first consultation in 2022.

Our key messages in relation to this consultation are:

  • A clear direction of reform centred on a granular zonal pricing will maximise consumer benefits and offer an unambiguously attractive signal to both innovators and investors.
  • The alternative is years of ongoing policy debates about minor tweaks that are never sufficient to deliver our Net Zero ambitions and that destabilise investor confidence.
  • The conditions for and form of investment protection should be set sooner rather than later – the clarity that they offer needn’t wait until the new market design is fully worked out.

You can read Energy Systems Catapult’s response to the consultation below.

Read the consultation response

Review of Electricity Market Arrangements: second consultation

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