Financing energy infrastructure inquiry: consultation response

Published: 3 April 2019


The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee examined the outlook for future investment in energy infrastructure in the UK and will be looking at whether the Government needs a new approach to bring forward investment to deliver a low carbon, low cost energy system and secure energy supplies for the long term.

Evidence was invited on potential investment across the energy sector, including power plants, system flexibility, heat decarbonisation and demand reduction.

Key points

Energy Systems Catapult has responded to an inquiry by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, including:

  • Progressing the development and deployment of CCUS remains of high strategic value to UK decarbonisation and can help to fill the ‘nuclear gap’.
  • Sustainably grown biomass also has the potential to become a critical resource for the UK energy system.
  • Bioenergy and CCUS are especially valuable in combination.
  • Storage of electricity, heat and gas (including hydrogen) will all have a role to play, along with backup generation in power and hybrid systems for heat.
  • The Catapult does not believe that low-carbon gases such as hydrogen have the capability to replace the current scale of natural gas for domestic heating but could play a strategic role as a backup for electric heating, using converted gas networks.
  • Electrification of transport can begin to deliver significant carbon reductions from 2020 onwards.