20/07/2022 - Data Science: From Academia to Industry Report Launch

Energy Systems Catapult and Arenko would like invite you to a special online seminar on the bridging the gap between academia and industry in the areas of data science in the energy industry.

Data and digitalisation can transform the energy sector and facilitate the UK making Net-Zero. Improving visibility and increasingly controllable devices will enable energy companies and innovators to better understand, anticipate and manage the changes in the electricity network. To do this will also mean utilisation of the advanced knowledge, tools and skills being developed within research institutions and universities. Further, universities can be sources of the much-needed expertise that can fill the widening skills gap within data science in the energy sector.

Unfortunately, there are many challenges that can hinder the dissemination of the developed technical knowledge and learnings within academia, and this reduces the potential impact that can be made within industry.

To better understand the challenges and opportunities facing the sector, Energy Systems Catapult and Arenko have written a series of reports based on interviews with experts from academia and industry. These reports investigate the key impacts that academic outputs can make in industry but also explore the mechanisms which support these impacts, including:

  • Collaborations
  • Accessible and reproducible research
  • Coding Development for academics, and
  • Industrial support for academics

To launch the reports we have arranged this online seminar to share the learnings and explore other key ways to support better collaborations with the following panel of experts who will be sharing their thoughts and learnings:

Dr Sam Hinton (Arenko)

Sam is an experienced consultant with a background in data science, data engineering, astrophysical research, and software engineering. He is a lover of Bayesian statistics and time series forecasting, and he maintains and contributes to numerous open source libraries and provides courses in the area of data and statistics.

Dr Annette Bramley (N8 Research Partnership)

Since 2018 Annette has been the very driven and inspiring Director and ‘Chief Collaboration Officer’ of the N8 Research Partnership- the strongest university research alliance in the UK.

As one of the U.Ks foremost experts in research culture, she has become a regular, compelling and in-demand speaker on the subject.

A graduate of Oxford University where she achieved a first-class degree and D.Phil in Materials Science, her particular niche is bringing people from different backgrounds to work together on research that has a tangible, genuine and long-lasting impact on the world. It’s fair to say N8’s successes in this arena are both as fascinating as they are many.

For over 20 years now she’s guided scientists and engineers of all disciplines at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (part of UK Research and Innovation) with great skill, inclusivity, and creativity.

Dr Alejandro Coca-Castro (The Turing Way)

Alejandro is a Postdoctoral Research Associate of the Data Science for Science and Humanities programme at The Alan Turing Institute. He holds a PhD in Physical Geography with a MSc. in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management at King’s College London (KCL, United Kingdom).

He has 10+ years of experience in applied artificial intelligence and data science for Earth Systems and Environmental sciences. He has contributed to the development of pipelines and tools to process and analyse data (spatial and non-spatial) for decision making within a wide variety of international institutions across the public, research, and industry sectors, including the Satellite Application Catapult.

Apart from his main research project at the Turing, Alejandro is the lead of the Environmental Data Science book, active member of the Pangeo Europe network, and one of the co-leads of the Translation and Localisation team of the Turing Way.

Professor Peter Grindrod CBE (University of Oxford)

Peter Grindrod CBE received the B.Sc. degree in mathematics from Bristol University, Bristol, U.K., in 1981, and the Ph.D. degree in mathematics from the University of Dundee, Scotland, in 1983. He is a Professor of Mathematics with the University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K. He is a former President of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications.

He was the Founder of three successful analytical companies in sectors such as retail, energy supply, mobile telephony, digital media, and digital marketing. Prof. Grindrod was a recipient of the Commander of the British Empire in 2005 for mathematics. He is a former member of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, a former member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and a former member of the Ministry of Defence Scientific Advisory Council.

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