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02/12/2021 - Energy Launchpad International Mexico and South Africa Briefing Event (SME Challenge Call)

Building on the success of the Energy Launchpad International pilot (2020-2021) in Thailand and India, Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) is launching a challenge call to South Africa and Mexico to support up to eight new innovators to enter each market.

The Challenge

This project works closely with innovators to build their capacity to export. Whilst the UK ranks high globally for innovation, this is not matched by export success. Innovators often lack the resources to create full export strategies, and our research shows the two most common things they lack are in-country contacts and market understanding.

Both South Africa and Mexico currently depend strongly on fossil fuels and at national level it is hard to see how UK innovators might have an impact. However though discussions with our in-country partners we have found opportunities for real impact and potential business collaborations at local level. Whether you are interested in helping rural landowners in Mexico diversify their incomes and reduce reliance on diesel generation or you have solutions to offer South African municipalities as they seek stability from rolling blackouts, we can’t wait to hear from you.

UK innovators need support navigating the South African and Mexican markets because they operate differently and there are unique barriers. UK firms will need to build trusting relationships with local partners in addition to demonstrating a strong product or service. ESC combines unique smart energy business model expertise and strong overseas networks to create soft landings for UK innovators in overseas markets.

Join us for a briefing event on 2nd December to hear more from us and our in-country partners. You’ll be able to ask questions on the day and still have time to apply afterwards.

Energy Launchpad International Mexico and South Africa Briefing Event (SME Challenge Call)


2nd December 2021


4pm - 5pm

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Duration: 1 Hour

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The closing date for applications is midnight on 13th December 2021. You can apply here.

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