13-14/03/2024 - The Distributed Energy Show 2024

The future of energy generation is flexible, decentralised and renewable.

Energy users, network operators and the entire energy supply-chain come to The Distributed Energy Show to see technology in action.

The show features the UK’s widest array of technologies for onsite and localised heat & power generation along with the infrastructure, software and components necessary to connect to the energy network and implement a low-cost, low-carbon energy strategy.

Jon Saltmarsh, Energy Systems Catapult CTO, will be speaking on a panel about ‘Unlocking the power of Hydrogen’.

The UK government has recently reaffirmed its strong commitment to reaching an ambitious target of doubling the low-carbon hydrogen production capacity to up to 10 gigawatts (GW) by 2030. This commitment, outlined in the Powering Up Britain plan unveiled in March 2023, signifies a substantial step forward in the ongoing transformation of the UK’s energy landscape. The plan aims to facilitate the provision of affordable, environmentally friendly, and secure energy for the nation, with a particular focus on advancing the hydrogen economy. 

Recognising hydrogen’s pivotal role in decentralised energy, the UK is actively pushing towards its net-zero emissions goal. Despite this strategic emphasis, scepticism persists among energy users regarding the economic and decarbonisation potential of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. 

As hydrogens role in the UK energy ecosystem become more significant, this session aims to present the latest innovations, challenges and solutions from across the space.  

Discussion Points  

  • How is hydrogen utilised in the distributed energy sector?  
  • How do we ensure hydrogen has a greater role in balancing the grid?  
  • Hydrogen clusters, what’s new in 2024?  
  • What are the latest technologies available?


Chair – Adam Wray-Summerson, Head of Sustainable Solutions & Resilience, Clarke Energy

Ben Richardson, Head of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems (SOFC) UK&I, Bosch

Jon Saltmarsh, Chief Technology Officer, Energy Systems Catapult

Chris Wright, Hydrogen Senior Development Manager, Centrica

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The Distributed Energy Show 2024


13th & 14th March 2024

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Telford International Centre

Duration: 2 Days

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