17-18/05/22 - Utility Week Live

Utility Week Live, the UK’s only pan-utility exhibition will reunite UK utilities, to drive collaborative innovation, and support strategic, technical, and operational professionals in solving critical business challenges.

Gain unmissable inspiration and fresh ideas from sector leaders and transformational companies across two days of unrivalled content and solution showcases.

Energy Systems Catapult Sessions

Supporting customers on the net zero journey

The UK’s ambitions for carbon neutrality by 2050 will require a monumental behavioural and lifestyle shift on a society-wide level. Over the coming decades, customers will have to switch to low carbon transport and heating as well as changing their relationship with energy (and water) – customers will be on a steep learning curve and will adopt at different rates. This session will explore how retailers can help customers navigate their net-zero journey – covering:

  • How can we educate our customers and provide the information they need to make real changes?
  • How do we ensure no one is left behind on this journey?
  • What incentives, innovation, and commercial propositions are required

Chair: Charles Wood, Deputy Director, Energy UK

Buying heat as a service
Edmund Hunt, Service Design Lead Consultant, Energy Systems Catapult


Smart homes, smart cars, smart energy

It’s coming: the way the UK public interacts with their energy provider is set to change, drastically and permanently. The rollout of EVs and new smart home technologies, such as domestic energy storage and low carbon heating solutions, will turn many more customers into ‘prosumers’. This session will explore:

  • The latest technology and innovation shaping how consumers will interact with their energy use and energy provider
  • The data and communications enablers for smart energy services – from smart meters to 5G and more
  • The adoption challenge – changing minds and changing behaviours
  • The latest thinking on the business models which will unlock energy service innovation for the mass market

Chair: Richard Halsey, Capabilities director – Energy Systems Catapult


Creating the conditions for innovation

Innovation takes more than a moment of inspiration. This session will explore the many factors that need to come together, including culture, diversity, capabilities, technologies and more to create the conditions for sustained and meaningful collaboration and innovation.

Panel Member: Laura Sandys, Non-Executive Director, Energy Systems Catapult


Digital asset management: breaking down barriers to data transparency and sharing

To operate efficient, net zero infrastructure in the future utilities need to conquer growing complexity and optimise assets in a “whole system” context. They also need to facilitate innovation in their industry ecosystems so that third parties can bring forward exciting new products and services to help customers reduce their energy and water usage and play a more active demand-side role.  This session will explore:

  • How to break down barriers to the accessibility and movement of data between organisations and across industry boundaries
  • How to put in place clear frameworks to maintain security and agreed processes for ongoing data reconciliation between many stakeholders
  • How utilities and other key players are tackling these challenges.

Chair and introductory remarks: Dr Richard Dobson, Energy Digitalisation Task Force/ Energy Systems Catapult


How can we drive the digitalisation of utilities?

Facilitator: Dr Richard Dobson – Energy Systems Catapult

Digitalisation is revolutionizing business and sectors, enabling them to rapidly evolve and adapt to the wants and needs of customers. Within the utilities sectors we are facing substantial, existential challenges and we need to embrace digitalisation as an enabler and catalyst of change. How can we drive digitisation across our industries and make them attractive for digital and data talent?

Focusing on the below questions:

  • What are the benefits of digitalisation for utilities?
  • How can we drive change within organisations and sectors?
  • What is needed to attract the right talent into our sectors?
  • How can we work together to increase the impact of utility digitalisation for the public’s good?

You can register for this event for free on the Utility Week website.


Utility Week Live


17 - 18 May 2022


9am - 5pm

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NEC, Birmingham

Duration: 2 Days

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