29/11/2023 - Value in Energy Data: Recent Advances in Electricity Price Forecasting

Electricity Price Forecasting (EPF) is a branch of energy forecasting on the interface between econometrics/statistics, computer science and engineering, which focuses on predicting the spot and forward prices in wholesale electricity markets.

Over the last 25 years, a variety of methods and ideas have been tried for EPF, with varying degrees of success. In this talk, Rafał will review recent developments in this fascinating area, including (but not limited to) probabilistic forecasting, combining forecasts and deep learning.

Rafał Weron is Professor of Management Science and Head of the Department of Operations Research and Business Intelligence at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. He is one of the leading world experts on energy forecasting and is periodically engaged as a consultant to financial, energy and software engineering companies. Details on current projects and publications are available on Rafał’s website.

Value in Energy Data‘ is a series of seminars hosted by Digital and Data Consultant, Dr. Stephen Haben, and the Data Systems team at Energy Systems Catapult. These seminars aim to help bridge the gap across academia, industry and policy within the energy sector, a key objective of Energy Systems Catapult. We are very proud and privileged that the best and brightest from the world of data and digital agree to share their insights with us.

Value in Energy Data: Recent Advances in Electricity Price Forecasting


Wednesday 29th November 2023



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Duration: 1hr

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