Digital Energy Week: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Insights Roundtable

Published: 9 June 2021

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science be used to transform and unlock potential within the Energy sector?

Where can AI and Machine Learning (ML) help improve decision-making and hide complexity within key areas in Energy?

How do academia, industry and innovators overlap with the key areas in AI and Energy and what are some of the recent AI successes and challenges?

In this webinar, Energy Systems Catapult will bring together experts to talk about the ways AI and Machine Learning can transform the energy sector. We’ll start the session with an overview of Energy Systems Catapult’s Artificial Intelligence and Energy Oversight Report and follow with a panel discussion where we will be encouraging questions from attendees.


Irene Di Martino, Executive Vice President at AmpX, has over 20 years of experience in the energy sector, with a robust engineering background and an industrially-sponsored PhD in Metallurgy. Our mission is to deliver a disruptive grid edge digital energy platform to allow all forms of distributed generation and load to make a dynamic contribution in the relevant energy markets, whether as an individual unit or as an aggregated group of assets, providing flexibility, resilience and system stability at the lowest possible price.

Aidan O’Sullivan is Associate Professor in Energy and Artificial Intelligence at UCL Energy Institute, where he leads the Energy Systems and Artificial Intelligence Lab and the department’s Data Analytics research theme. He is also the founding course director of the Energy Systems and Data Analytics MSc, an innovative programme that combines the study of energy systems and sustainability with data science and machine learning.

Jack Kelly is the Co-Founder of Open Climate Fix, a non-profit product lab, totally focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions as rapidly as possible. Their approach is to search for Machine Learning (ML) problems where, if they solve a well-defined ML task, then there is likely to be a large climate impact.

Dr Anthony Woolcock, Lead Data Scientist at Energy Systems Catapult, leads a team of Data Scientists that support the design, development and analysis of Energy Systems Catapult’s programme of consumer research trials focused on the decarbonisation of heat. Anthony has a PhD in Mathematics and Complexity Science from Warwick University and holds a Data Science Fellowship from Faculty.

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