Energy and Sustainability in the Public Sector

Published: 15 April 2021

Head of Modern Energy Partners (MEP), Christine St John Cox, will be the keynote speaker at the Energy and Sustainability in the Public Sector being hosted by Institute of Government & Public Policy (IGPP).

She will be discussing the recent finding from the MEP project which is being delivered in partnership with the Department Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Cabinet office and is focused on enabling the public sector to meet its 2032 50% direct emissions reduction target (against at 2017 baseline). The programme is currently testing out a systematic approach for the development of decarbonisation plans, the rapid deployment of submetering, and the implementation of the first steps of decarbonisation on a cohort of 42 sites from Ministry of Defence, Health, Ministry of Justice, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, and Higher Education Institutions.

This talk will:

  • take you through the rationale for the programme, what it looked at and some of the key findings.
  • explore the technical solutions and some of the key systemic barriers for decarbonisation.
  • give you an understanding of the wealth of knowledge gathered about decarbonisation in the public sector and where to access it.

Christine is a chartered building services engineer and has worked for over twenty years in the energy sector, initially as a design engineer and more recently supporting organisation decarbonisation strategies.

You can register for the event on the IGPP’s website.