Insight60: Hydrogen in Homes – The Future of Heat

Published: 14 May 2021

Richard Halsey, Capabilities Director at Energy Systems Catapult, will be speaking at a webinar ‘Insight60: Hydrogen in homes – The future of heat’ on June 3rd 2021.

The webinar will cover a range of areas; the electricity vs. hydrogen debate, ‘busting myths’ on hydrogen in homes and why exactly consumers are key.

What is Insight 60?

Unprecedented events are occurring in every corner of the world and every part of society. The greatest of these still looms large on our horizon. The challenge of climate change needs to be met with serious urgency, but the solutions have the potential to transform our industry and drive us towards a more successful sustainable economy.

In a connected series of webinars with respected thought leaders and industry experts, we will outline the challenge, and examine some of the many solutions that are emerging to move us in the right direction.

60 minutes of insightful presentations from Keynote speakers focused on the energy transition. Each session includes an audience Q&A round.

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