Re-costing Energy: Energy Services for Consumers, Fit for Consumers

Published: 24 May 2021

Re-Costing Energy has helped the energy community rethink what we cost, what we value and how we serve customers to unlock the different characteristics and nature of an exciting Net Zero compliant energy system.

At the heart of our work is putting consumers centre stage in the energy system – because that is where they should be in any event.  However, the work has also shown the explicit value that customers actions and assets can contribute to the energy system.

Key Consumer-focused recommendations in ReCosting Energy include:

  • Demand actions are of equal value to those of supply
  • Consumer-facing assets should have equal access to markets and Government support mechanisms
  • Services not the “sale” of a commodity is the only way to unlock fair access to the assets and actions that are needed to build a strong flexibility market

These recommendations are underpinned by new metrics developed by LCP, BEIS modelling team and Frontier Economics revealing the whole system value of demand-side assets to the system

We are now building on this work by launching a call to action – to ‘Spread the joy to citizens’ by sparking the energy sector to launch exciting new energy services that will delight consumers.

At our event on the 7th June 2021, we will be asking you to join our call to action – identifying cutting edge consumer energy services that we can test out.


3pm Introduction: Services Fit for Future Energy Consumers

Laura Sandys, ReCosting Energy and Non-Executive Director of Energy Systems Catapult


3.15pm Lessons Learnt from the Living Lab

Matt Lipson, Energy Systems Catapult

Rebecca Sweeney, Energy Systems Catapult


3:25pm New Services, New Outcomes

James Williams, Sero Homes

Julian Wiley, Social Energy


3:40pm Opportunities, Risks, Challenges and Barriers

What is standing in our way?

Matt Robson, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Jemma Baker, Ofgem

James Williams, Sero Homes

Julian Wiley, Social Energy


Including Q&A from the attendees


4:20pm Summary of Next Steps and Close

Join the event on the 7th of June 2021register your place today.