Mexico energy market deep dive for smart energy business models

Energy Launchpad International aims to bridge the gap between UK innovators and international markets.

The main challenges can be grouped into two main issues: (1) understanding the market and (2) establishing relationships with local stakeholders.

Our Energy Market Deep Dives offers insight into the mechanics of a country’s power system, with a focus on smart and clean energy solutions. They include case studies of pilots and local business models and the references section can be used to link to further reading. Our deep dives are a valuable resource for innovators to use in creating their export roadmap, giving them access to relevant data and sources of information that they may not have the resources to collect themselves.

Key points

The Mexico energy market deep dive explores:

  • The makeup of the Mexican power system, including the country’s installed capacity, power mix, and governmental stakeholders.
  • The structure of the country’s Wholesale Power Market, including actors involved and the products traded.
  • Recent regulatory changes brought about by the most recent Mexican administration which may bring significant changes to the country’s energy sector.
  • The concomitant rise in distributed generation, especially in states like Jalisco, driven by a shift away from utility-scale by developers, in light of these regulatory changes. Furthermore, the factors that make distributed generation attractive for many Mexican enterprises, including electricity bills that are 70% larger than their American counterparts.
  • The expected growth in the Mexican behind-the-meter battery storage market and the drivers for this trend, as well as the relative lack of opportunity in the utility-scale storage sector.
  • The transmission upgrades needed to tackle congestion and high prices in several parts of the country (such as the Yucatán Peninsula), as well as integrate the renewable plants that Mexico is planning to build.
  •  The electric vehicle market in Mexico, including the latest statistics on the number of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric sold, the state of the country’s charging network, as well as the dominant brands in the Mexican market.
  • The nascent market for green hydrogen, which while smaller than some other countries’, is seeing some promising projects.

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Mexico energy market deep dive for smart energy business models

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Bridging the gap between UK innovators and international markets

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