Energy Systems Catapult’s mission is to unleash innovation and open new markets to capture the clean growth opportunity. We work with innovators in industry, government, academia and research to identify and overcome systemic barriers and open new markets to deliver the innovative products, services and value chains required to transform the UK energy system to meet carbon reduction targets at the lowest cost.

Our Approach
We do this by taking a Whole Systems approach to working with innovators on a wide range of projects, using our unique capabilities and assets to deliver impact. The Catapult works with individual companies, in partnerships or as part of consortia. We are taking a leading role in government taskforces on the potential of data in the energy sector and the impact of electric vehicles on the power system. We collaborate on CR&D and bid funding opportunities; connecting with industry partners, investors or test facilities; and convene with domestic and international stakeholders including governments and regulators.In addition, we have developed specialisms in a number of key areas including energy services, exploring how innovation can help tackle fuel poverty, and how markets, policy and regulation need to work together to deliver innovation from a Whole Systems perspective.
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Current Projects
Energy Systems Catapult works on a range of projects with innovators, industry, academia and Government to help transform the UK energy system to support a low carbon economy and achieve our clean growth ambitions. Drawing on the expertise, tools and experience from across our portfolio of Services Platforms, Capabilities and Assets - informed by a ‘whole systems’ view – to deliver meaningful impact on short and long-term projects; either on behalf of single innovators, in partnerships or as part of consortia.
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Bid Opportunities
Energy Systems Catapult works with government departments, local authorities and European funding bodies to help overcome one of the biggest hurdles facing innovators - raising funding. Our Account & Bid Management Team can guide you through the various funding options to help you decide the best way to raise finance and fund your business to bring your innovation to market.
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Energy Systems Catapult works with government, academia and industry on specialist taskforces and provides evidence, insight and sector leadership on a range of specialisms, such as energy market reform, energy services and the role of innovation in tackling fuel poverty.
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Case Studies
Energy Systems Catapult provides insight to industry, carries our research with academia, delivers evidence to policy-makers and tests the ideas of innovators.We utilise our in-house Service Platforms, Capabilities and Assets – informed by a ‘whole systems’ view – to deliver meaningful impact that is showcased in our case studies.
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