Current Projects

Energy Systems Catapult works on a range of projects with innovators, industry, academia and Government to help transform the UK energy system to support a low carbon economy and achieve our clean growth ambitions.

We utilise our permanent Service Platforms, Capabilities and Assets – informed by a Whole Systems view – to deliver meaningful impact on short and long-term projects; working with single customers, in partnership or as part of a consortium.

Energy Digitalisation Taskforce
The Energy Digitalisation Taskforce (EDiT) is focused on modernising the energy system to unlock flexibility and drive clean growth towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This Taskforce, like its predecessor the Energy Data Taskforce, is run by Energy Systems Catapult and chaired by Laura Sandys for the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, in partnership with Ofgem and Innovate UK.
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Net Zero Carbon Policy
Net Zero Carbon Policy is an Energy Systems Catapult thought leadership project, focusing on how the UK can develop an innovation-friendly, economy-wide framework for Net Zero. We are building on the insights from our Rethinking Decarbonisation Incentives project, to develop credible policy options for an efficient and socially beneficial transition.
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Local Energy Systems Scottish Industry Network
Local Energy Systems Scottish Industry Network (LESSIN) is an initiative to support the decarbonisation of industrial Scotland while building the low carbon economy. The project will bring together manufacturers, project developers, technology companies, innovation support organisations, knowledge communities, and investors to cultivate the low carbon ecosystem in Scotland, and beyond. ​
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Wondrwall is a technology company that combine intelligent AI powered home automation, clean energy production and super-efficient heating systems, to help homes save money, time and the environment. Energy Systems Catapult aims to help Wonderwall better understand and develop propositions for the retrofit across a range of market segments and explore the best approach to achieving recognition under the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for energy performance in homes.
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Studio Victoria
Studio Victoria is a unique business that drives decarbonisation by bringing together specialisms usually associated with a number of different companies into a single interoperable digital solution. By integrating data from sensors, drones, laser scanners, virtual reality, augmented reality and machine learning, they provide clients with data-driven Digital Twins that promote more efficient heating and cooling in buildings. Energy Systems Catapult via our Energy Launchpad is helping Studio Victoria with market insights, business model development and customer value propositions.
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Sero delivers whole-life solutions for Net Zero that covers buildings, construction, energy, lifestyles and financing. They aim is to create a community of homes that can intelligently support the wider energy system and comfort-as-a-service offerings that cover heat, power and transport for consumers. Energy Systems Catapult is working with Sero via the Energy Launchpad to help overcome the barriers to innovative consumer service offerings, while refining their business model and customer value propositions.
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Clean Energy Prospector
Clean Energy Prospector (Cepro) develop ‘community microgrids’ for new build residential housing developments, allowing third-party providers to finance the cost of installing low carbon infrastructure, rather than the housing developer. Energy Systems Catapult is helping Cepro with consumer insight and explore how their business model can better raise funds for scaling the business.
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Caldera has developed an innovative Heat Battery that stores renewable electricity at times of high generation to be used later at times of low generation for home heating and hot water. Energy Systems Catapult is helping Caldera with modelling for market insight, a digital fitness assessment and preparations for test and demonstration.
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Atamate is a smart building platform that focuses on precise automated control and continuous monitoring of the internal environment to reduce energy consumption, simplify building management and optimise maintenance – while increasing occupant comfort and security. The firm has been selected by Energy Systems Catapult’s Energy Launchpad to receive specialist business support to accelerate the growth of Atamate’s new offerings and explore the best approach to achieving recognition under the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for energy performance in homes.
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Amp X
Amp X is developing a digital energy services platform focused on autonomy, machine-learning, advanced data analytics and control systems - aiming to unlock flexibility to provide  cost and carbon savings for consumers and improved grid resilience and stability. Energy Systems Catapult is working with Amp X via the Energy Launchpad to provide market, regulatory and consumer insights, a digital fitness assessment, business modelling and commercial expertise.
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UCEGM Clean Energy Manchester
Unlocking Clean Energy in Greater Manchester
‘Unlocking Clean Energy in Greater Manchester’ (UCEGM) is a pioneering project that will deliver ten renewable schemes across the city region and create a blueprint that can be replicated in other regions across the UK aiming for Net Zero carbon emissions. The three-year £17.2m UCEGM project will be delivered with five Greater Manchester Local Authorities – Manchester, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport and Wigan – after securing £8.6m from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
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Modernising Energy Data Access
As part of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme under the Industrial Strategy, Innovate UK launched the Modernising Energy Data Access competition, designed to enable energy data to be open-sourced for the benefit of society.
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Net Zero Leiston
Net Zero Leiston is an ambitious project aiming to end fuel poverty and reach Net Zero carbon emissions in the Suffolk coastal town. Energy Systems Catapult is providing modelling and consumer insight expertise, working with Leiston residents to understand the causes of fuel poverty and the most impactful ways to decarbonise.
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Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom
The Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom project is focusing on developing diverse, local seed markets to support the transition to hydrogen and renewables, in the cluster of major energy infrastructure along the Milford Haven Waterway.
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Reflex Orkney
The ReFLEX Orkney project is aiming to integrate electricity, transport and heat networks in the Scottish Islands, using advanced software to balance supply and demand.
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Hydro Genie testing in the Living Lab
Scottish innovator Biskit Controls is testing a patented technology called the Hydro Genie – that is designed to improve the performance of central heating systems - by removing dissolved oxygen from the circulating water.
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Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering has developed technology that helps utility companies understand the effect weather has on their networks, this is crucial for net zero systems as weather will play an increasing role in demand forecasting, renewable generation, and asset management and optimisation. Services such as asset health assessments monitors the impact of weather and corrosion enabling the optimisation of an assets through life costs. Energy Systems Catapult is supporting Digital Engineering through our Energy Launchpad to help maximise its growth and impact on the energy system.
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Energeo harness the power of geospatial big data, alongside advances in machine learning to deliver intelligence that identifies the most beneficial locations to deploy low carbon technologies, reducing the costs and timescales associated with traditional manual methods. Our Energy Launchpad is providing specialist business support to accelerate growth, drawing on our range of advanced capabilities as well as those of their wide network of partners.
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Equiwatt incentivises consumers to save energy at peak times through an app-based rewards scheme. Their digital platform monitors periods of peak demand on the grid, tracks home’s energy use via smart meters and helps households to automatically turn-off appliances during peak time events. The company’s consumer engagement will unlock the potential of residential demand side response supporting energy suppliers and network operators to create an energy system that is cleaner, flexible and more efficient. Equiwatt has been selected by our Energy Launchpad to receive support in preparing for further investment and scale up.
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OrxaGrid has developed software which can process electricity grid data to produce insights on how to reduce energy losses and increase overall efficiency to inform energy management decision making. The company has also developed a range of devices for building a smarter grid, including sensors that monitor the performance of transformers and overhead lines to continuously measure and detect outages and disturbances. Our Energy Launchpad is helping to prepare their business for scaling, supporting them in the development of their business model and digital platform and ensuring they are investment-ready.
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Scene Connect
Scene Connect has developed a digital platform which lets suppliers sell power and heat ‘as a service’ – instead of in kilowatt hours – by calculating bespoke tariffs for their customers. The technology can also be used for trading energy with other local homes and businesses and providing automated grid management services for network operators, allowing them to increase efficiency and reward local generation, supply and flexibility. Our Energy Launchpad will support Scene Connect by providing systems integration, consumer insight and digital and data expertise.
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Rethinking Electricity Markets
Rethinking Electricity Markets is an Energy Systems Catapult initiative to develop proposals to reform electricity markets so that they best enable innovative, efficient, whole energy system decarbonisation. We need to reform electricity markets and market mechanisms so that they bring forward innovation and investment in a more efficient mix of low carbon generation, network enhancements and flexibility.
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Business Model Innovation: Active Building Centre
Energy Systems Catapult is working with the Active Building Centre to explore the value of active buildings to different stakeholders, as part of a wider work package focused on business models and economic analysis.
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Electrification of Heat Demonstration
Energy Systems Catapult has been appointed as Management Contractor for the £16.5 million Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project on behalf of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy .The Project aims to overcome barriers to deployment and demonstrate the feasibility of a large-scale roll-out of heat pumps in Great Britain by installing the low carbon technology in 750 homes.
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Innovating for Clean Air (India)
The UK and India have launched a two-year joint initiative – Innovating for Clean Air – providing opportunities for businesses to drive innovation in air quality monitoring and electric vehicle integration to tackle air pollution in urban areas.
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Business Model Innovation: q energy
Manchester firm q:energy has been awarded funding from the Government innovation competition “Boosting Access for SMEs to Energy Efficiency” to developing a Digital Energy Efficiency Platform, aimed at developing digital solutions that encourage low carbon and energy efficiency improvements for SMEs. Energy Systems Catapult is providing q:energy with Business Model Innovation and Consumer Insight support for their innovations that aim to lower a businesses energy costs by optimising a buildings energy assets.
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Consumer Insight: Heatrae Sadia, Levelise and AI-led hot water tanks
Hot water cylinder manufacturer Heatrae Sadia has joined forces with smart energy company Levelise to understand the potential for domestic hot water cylinders to offer Demand Side Response services. Energy Systems Catapult is working with both companies to provide feedback on the technology from real consumers and help them refine their proposition to maximise its appeal.
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Business Model Innovation: arbnco
Scottish proptech firm arbnco has been awarded funding for the Government innovation competition “Boosting Access for SMEs to Energy Efficiency” to developing a Digital Energy Efficiency Platform. Energy Systems Catapult will be providing arbnco with Business Model Innovation support to find a sustainable model that facilitates investment in energy efficiency retrofit/refurbishment projects by SMEs in the UK.
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Using technology to provide heating and hot water in a more intelligent, efficient way will be crucial for reaching a net-zero carbon energy system. Following a rigorous application process, Ventive was invited to take part in the Catapult's Energy Launchpad for the potential of its natural ventilation technology to transform the way we heat buildings, delivering greater comfort without the carbon.
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Sunamp is a developer of chemical ‘heat batteries’ that can absorb and store thermal energy when it’s cheaper or cleaner to produce and release it again when it’s needed. Energy Systems Catapult is working with Sunamp via the Energy Launchpad to help take their business to the next level.
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iPower is a social enterprise using smart digital control systems to monitor and manage energy in homes and businesses, onsite energy generation and storage systems to help create a more stable, greener energy economy. Energy Systems Catapult is working with iPower via the Energy Launchpad to assess the current market landscape, assess the value for customers, and understand and refine their customer proposition.
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Consumer Insight: Evergreen Smart Power and demand side response
The Flexibly-Responsive Energy Delivery project is trialing Evergreen Smart Power’s innovative Virtual Power Plant with 250 consumers. The aim is to shift demand for electricity for charging electric vehicles and heating water, away from peak times, using real-time pricing and grid information. Energy Systems Catapult is exploring how consumers respond to such technology and how to maximise its appeal.
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DTOceanPlus is an ambitious EU project – funded by the Horizon 2020 – to develop and demonstrate an open source suite of design tools to accelerate innovation and commercialisation in the ocean energy sector. Energy Systems Catapult is providing Offshore Renewables, Systems Integration, Modelling and Infrastructure and Engineering expertise to develop a structured innovation design tool for concept selection of ocean energy systems.
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Integrating Tidal Energy into the European Grid
Energy Systems Catapult is partnering on the €11 million Interreg North-West Europe project launched in Orkney to develop an all-in-one solution for the generation of clean predictable energy, grid management, and the production of hydrogen from excess capacity.
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Energy Launchpad is helping Senergy refine their business model and pitch to customers. Our Digital and Data team are carrying out a Digital Energy Fitness Assessment and our Modelling experts are helping the firm to validate their product with our Home Energy Dynamics simulation tool.
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