Energy Systems Catapult works on a range of projects with innovators, industry, academia and Government to help transform the UK energy system to support a low carbon economy and achieve our clean growth ambitions.

We utilise our permanent Service Platforms, Capabilities and Assets – informed by a Whole Systems view – to deliver meaningful impact on short and long-term projects; working with single customers, in partnership or as part of a consortium.

Smart Systems and Heat
Energy Systems Catapult is delivering the UK’s largest smart, consumer-focused project aimed at overcoming the barriers to the decarbonisation of residential heat - the Smart Systems and Heat programme. Taking a whole systems approach, the Catapult has developed capabilities, assets, tools and insights that tackle the challenge from national scale down to individual building level, including – Modelling, Digital and Data, and Consumer Insight – and the establishment of a ‘Living Lab’ in over 100 homes.
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Bristol Energy: Heat Plan trial
Bristol Energy has become the first energy supplier in the UK to trial selling ‘heat as a service’, rather than kilowatt hours, tailored to consumers individual home and lifestyle. Energy Systems Catapult is testing consumer-focused ‘smart energy services’ (i.e. tailored service propositions enabled by digital controls and sensors) in a ‘Living Lab’ of 100 real-world homes.
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Innovator Support: Evergreen Smart Power
Evergreen Smart Power wants domestic customers to benefit from the flexibility of their Electric Vehicle charging by helping to balance a decarbonised grid. Energy Systems Catapult is offering expertise in consumer insight and domestic energy services, alongside potential partnering opportunities.
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Rethinking Decarbonisation Incentives
Rethinking Decarbonisation Incentives is exploring how UK policies can promote clean growth by taking a ‘whole systems’ perspective on carbon policy. Through the project, Energy Systems Catapult aims to promote broader strategic debate about how the UK could improve carbon policy to stimulate innovation and clean growth.
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Innovator Support: Neuville Grid Data
Neuville Grid Data was chosen as the collaboration partner for the Power Systems Challenge in a programme set up by Energy Systems Catapult together with the Power Networks Demonstration Centre. The challenge aims to test the capability and network behaviour of innovative SME solutions to Future Power Systems Architecture-identified challenges.
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Innovator Support: Levelise
Levelise is working to make home battery systems more economically viable by better predicting consumption and solar generation. Energy Systems Catapult is offering expertise in consumer insight and domestic energy services, alongside potential partnering opportunities.
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Integrating Tidal Energy into the European Grid
Energy Systems Catapult is partnering on the €11 million Interreg North-West Europe project launched in Orkney to develop an all-in-one solution for the generation of clean predictable energy, grid management, and the production of hydrogen from excess capacity.
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Vehicle-to-Grid Britain
Energy Systems Catapult has been appointed to provide modelling support in a consortium project that is studying how to reward drivers who use their electric car batteries to support the UK’s power grid.
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Innovator Support: GEN SIG Digital Energy System
GEN SIG’s real-time smart energy IoT hardware and cloud solutions are designed to remotely control energy assets and sources with seamless integration with existing systems and provide the ability to optimise the operation of behind the meter industrial and commercial utility assets. Energy Systems Catapult is offering GEN SIG expertise to refine their business value proposition, scoping the competitor landscape and assisting in investor readiness preparation.
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