Clean Air Street

The Innovating for Clean Air (IfCA) programme has launch a Clean Air Street in Bengaluru, India, tcreate a healthy, citizen-centric street environment that prioritises green and active forms of transportation while encouraging sustainable behaviours.

Transforming a city centre street in Bengaluru is one of a number of Clean Air Testbed activities in India  and is being delivered by Connected Places Catapult and Energy Systems Catapult working with the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) and the Indian Institute of Science.

The Project

Bengaluru, like many other cities around the world, is facing the challenge of managing rapid growth while safeguarding the wellbeing and happiness of its communities and citizens. The sudden reduction in transport and other emissions due to physical distancing as a result of the Covid-19 crisis creates an unprecedented opportunity to sustain reduced pollution levels and envision greener, healthier and more prosperous public spaces. As we breathe cleaner air, we must ensure we preserve sustainable travel behaviours once the immediate crisis has passed.

  • Under the Clean Air Street initiative, Church Street in Bengaluru will be closed for motor vehicles every Saturday and Sunday for 4 months beginning November 7th, 2020.

Our aim is to reprioritise clean mobility and demonstrate the positive impact of streets focused on people and sustainable behaviours. The initiative will also provide the opportunity to trial and refine street designs and create a blueprint for other streets across Bengaluru and India as a whole.

About Church Street

Church Street is one of the busiest streets in the Central Business District of Bengaluru. Using the TenderSure frameworks, Church Street has recently undergone a significant transformation that has made it more pedestrian-friendly. With cobblestoned streets and wide walkable footpaths, the road is an attraction and on par with the best streets globally.

From November 2020 to February 2021 motorised traffic will be restricted from entering Church Street every Saturday and Sunday, opening the 750m stretch of road to organisations and initiatives enabling healthy and citizen-centric street environments which prioritise safe, green, and active forms of transportation. In addition, Church Street will be transformed into a demonstration area for clean air innovations.

About Clean Air Street SMEs



Airhead  has created an innovative pollution mask to protect people in urban areas from the negative health effects of air pollution.

Working in collaboration with Brunel University in the UK, the  Airhead mask will protect people from particulate matter and harmful gases found in city air, and therefore reduce the risk of the most common health problems related to air pollution.



Altigreen is on a mission to eliminate vehicular emissions without compromising on mobility. To achieve Carbon Free Transportation, they have created world class electric vehicle technology for ‘last mile transportation’ (ie. movement of people and goods from a transport hub to a final destination). Designed especially for India and other developing countries; imagined and created in India; 100% Made in India; this technology is ushering in a new age of powerful, efficient and affordable last mile mobility.



Ambee provides accurate hyperlocal air-quality data in real time, improving lives, productivity, business outcomes, and even public health and governance.

Their proprietary data-science, backed by possibly the world’s largest private air quality data set, provides solutions on a previously unseen level. Projects and partners include insurers, health and wellness providers, Fortune 500 companies in aviation, mobility and electronics, large manufacturers, and energy majors.


Atmospheric Sensors

Atmospheric Sensors Ltd. (ASL) takea new, digital, approach to gas sensor management that allows the aggregation of a range of sensing technologies to achieve enhanced reliability, sensitivity and selectivity. Two product lines address ambient air quality, with fixed-site or wearable monitors, deploying electrochemical sensors, (metal oxide sensors can optionally be included in the system), an NDIR sensor for carbon dioxide, a particle monitor, relative humidity monitoring and temperature measurement.


Elon Motors

Elon Motors Engineering works towards creating sustainable urban mobility – pedal-assisted electric bicycles as the future of urban transportation. AURITA F is a Folding Utility Electric Bike is a bike to go everywhere. One of the most compact and lightweight folding electric bikes, folding into a compact 120L volume using unique patent-pending folding technique. AURITA C is a Cargo Utility Electric Bike is a bike for everyone. This is one of the most versatile and Multi-utility Cargo electric bike with 150kg payload capacity.


BuymyEV’s IoT-enabled cloud-connected electric bikes on a subscription model provide mobility solutions for first/last/ short-mile commute. Their mission is to make hyperlocal commutes clean, green & tech-driven. BuymyEV’s eBikes are a clean mobility solution, designed for commuters with an aim to reduce carbon emissions in polluted cities. To accelerate progress in tackling the challenge of urban air pollution, BuymyEV is also looking to collect air quality data by fitting sensors on the vehicles.


Greendzine is a Bengaluru based product company that specialises in electric vehicles for leisure, personal use and industrial application. Currently Greendzine has six product variants in the market, this includes a charger, bidirectional vehicle and liquid battery. Greendzine’s bidirectional vehicle is already sold for use in warehouses. The vehicle costs includes additional features designed for industry such as a path optimisation algorithm, barcode scanner, analytics platform and package sorting.


JAL Technologies

JAL manufactures the specialised ‘Prkruti’ device, which use low power IoT sensors to monitor air pollution and weather conditions in real time. Their mission is to make citizens aware of the impact of poor air quality and help them adjust their routines to mitigate this impact.


Mastie Bikes

Mastiebikes is targeting young people with an affordable, versatile and durable electric bike. By driving adoption amongst a younger demographic, Mastiebikes aims to embed a new set of transport behaviours into this generation, helping reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Their bike, which is manufactured entirely in India, has a battery with excellent storage capacity and which is easy to swap in and out, reducing concerns about running out of charge.


Transvahan Technologies is a growing business engaged in providing sustainable mobility solutions: manufacturing battery operated electric vehicles and automotive components, as well as offering consulting and training solutions in the automotive, clean-tech and aerospace sectors. The company offer green transport solutions designed with societal needs in mind. Their E-Carts have now been modified for new applications such as solid waste management and use in food courts.