Innovator Support: OrxaGrid


As more and more homes and businesses start generating their own renewable energy, network operators will need more control of how power flows within the system.

OrxaGrid have developed software which can process grid data, collected via a range of smart sensors, to deliver actionable insights on how to reduce losses and increase overall efficiency.

Energy Systems Catapult’s Innovator Support Platform is helping to prepare their business for scaling, supporting them in the development of their business model and digital platform and helping ensure they are investment-ready.

The Innovation

The software is designed to transform the way data and insight impact energy management decisions, in real time. It comes as a series of apps:

  • Fault App – Allows for a quick response to reduce downtime and prevents resulting revenue losses
  • Energy Efficiency App – Maximises operational efficiency and reduces energy losses
  • Asset Health App – Helps lower maintenance costs, time to repair and raises Return on Asset (ROA).

The company has also developed a range of devices for enabling smart grids, including sensors that convert power transformers into ‘smart’ transformers and for overhead lines to continuously measure and detect outages and disturbances.

STEM is a robust, flexible and rapidly deployed sensor that converts power transformers on grid networks into smart transformers

The Challenge and Opportunity

OrxaGrid’s solution involves the widespread deployment of sensors in local electricity networks, providing the data and insights required to optimise the performance and reliability of the network, and to support the transition from distribution network operator (DNO) to distribution system operator (DSO).

The technology has already been trialled in India, but the next challenge for OrxaGrid is to achieve their first commercial sales in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Our Approach

Energy Systems Catapult is home to the Innovator Support Platform (ISP), which provides carefully selected innovators with tailored business incubation and acceleration support to help address barriers to growth, de-risk innovation, scale-up the business and secure investment.

Incubation Support

Tailored support for selected SMEs utilising Catapult assets and capabilities, and delivery partner offerings, such as Business Sprint’ workshops, Business Model Development, Energy System Integration assessment, Consumer Insights, Concept testing and validation, Identification of candidates for Acceleration support.


The Catapult will deliver:

  • Development of use cases for DNOs with associated value, assessment of business model choices and formulation of an NIA project to support Business Plan
  • Assessment of digital platform, interoperability (protocols, interfaces), scalability, security/penetration testing. Ensure compliance with standards required to participate in network tenders
  • IP assessment. Determine areas of competitive advantage and strategies to protect
  • Investment readiness work.