Being Open: The importance of evidence-based policy recommendations – Dr. Danial Sturge

Comment by Dr. Danial Sturge, Carbon Policy Practice Manager at Energy Systems Catapult. 

We in the Markets, Policy and Regulation team at Energy Systems Catapult have been on a six-year journey, building up our expertise and back catalogue of evidence-based policy recommendations. We now have people working on electricity markets, heat and local policy, and carbon policy. These are broad subject areas that require detailed policy thinking to help steer the economy to Net Zero.

All our thought leadership in this space has been informed by innovators, industry leaders, policymakers, and academia. Examples of our work, which in the early days sometimes went against the grain of popular opinion – a standalone UK Emissions Trading Scheme and locational marginal pricing to name a couple – is becoming increasingly recognised as the right path forward. But these did not begin life as esoteric policy ideas for the sake of being different, rather they evolved from a strong evidence base, all of which we have made available in the public domain.

This briefing is the first in a series that seeks to provide an accessible and transparent insight into our policy thought leadership to date. Through these are links to our back catalogue of detailed research and collection of thoughts.

Energy Systems Catapult Policy Briefing

Developing an innovation-friendly, economy-wide carbon policy framework for Net Zero.

Net Zero Carbon Policy

An Energy Systems Catapult thought leadership project, focusing on how the UK can develop an innovation-friendly, economy-wide framework for Net Zero.

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