Energy Systems Catapult responds to the Autumn Statement - Guy Newey

Comment by Guy Newey, Chief Executive Officer at Energy Systems Catapult. 

“To reach Net Zero by 2050, we need to accelerate the pace of innovation across the energy sector. This is crucial if the UK is to reinforce its position as a ‘green’ market leader where clean tech innovators thrive.

“The government’s decision to accept Nick Winser’s recommendations to slash the time it takes to deliver strategic transmission lines will benefit domestic energy innovators. This pivotal policy will level the innovation playing field, spur investment in clean tech, and deliver the low carbon energy we need to meet Net Zero.

“Earlier this year, the Winser Report – authored by Nick Winser CBE and supported by a detailed companion report by Energy Systems Catapult – set out plans to halve the time it takes to deliver strategic transmission lines from 14 years to seven – an all-important ingredient if we’re to rapidly increase our reliance on low carbon technologies and energy.

“The government’s acceptance of these recommendations is a victory for consumers and clean energy innovators, delivering reduced transmission costs and accelerating the pace of green infrastructure investment.

“This decision is a step forward in the national mission to accelerate innovation, reduce emissions, increase our use of low carbon energy, and cut the time it takes to build much-needed energy infrastructure.

“The current process is complex and involves many different actors. Every part of the process can be dramatically improved. The Autumn Statement, taken with Ofgem’s decision to introduce Regional Energy Strategic Planners, can be a catalyst for the Net Zero energy transformation.

“We have worked with the government to review and scrutinise their analysis of the investment impact of implementing the recommendations and reforming the grid connection process.

“Notable by its absence was any announcement on Carbon Policy – despite some trialling in the media. This means there’s still work to do to align the incentives across the UK economy with the Net Zero target, as well as creating the right conditions for UK industry to be able to compete on a level playing field with producers that do not face the same pressure to reduce emissions.”


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