Regional Energy Strategic Planners: a catalyst for place-based energy planning - Andrew Clark and Nicholas Geddes

Energy Systems Catapult responds to Ofgem’s creation of Regional Energy Strategic Planners (RESPs). RESPs will work with organisations at a local level including local government and gas and electricity networks, to improve understanding of the infrastructure needed in different parts of the country and attract investment for projects.

Nicholas Geddes, Business Leader for Whole Systems and Networks at Energy Systems Catapult, said:

“The introduction of Regional Energy Strategic Planners (RESPs) can be the catalyst for driving whole system outcomes at a regional level; connecting national and local energy planning, and standardising Local Area Energy Planning (LAEP) approaches.

“Embedding whole systems approaches is crucial to realising Net Zero – they can move us away from single vector, single system thinking to deliver a lower cost, more resilient, Net Zero energy system.

“Regional Energy Strategic Planners will play a vital role in driving this and will be a key actor in the wider institutional and governance landscape, linking whole systems approaches at the local level, in the form of LAEPs, with whole systems approaches at the national level, in the form of the Strategic Spatial Energy (SSEP).”

Andrew Clark, Business Leader for Place at Energy Systems Catapult, said:

“For places to get the most out of RESPs, inputs from devolved and local governments setting out the planned spatial pathway to Net Zero must be considered. Local Area Energy Plans (LAEPs) provide a consistent and robust way to feed cost-optimised whole systems pathways, reflecting local preferences, into RESPs, with 86 local authorities having completed, or progressing towards, a LAEP.

“The decision by Ofgem to introduce RESPs heralds a new era of whole system planning, involving local actors, to genuinely reflect place-based ambition in infrastructure investment, without losing sight of the approaches that will get us to Net Zero. We look forward to supporting stakeholders during the detailed design phase that will bring this approach to life.”

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