Catapult chair Nick Winser appointed Electricity Networks Commissioner to help ensure home-grown energy for Britain

  • New commissioner appointed to accelerate the delivery of crucial electricity network infrastructure so home-grown energy can reach and power homes across the country
  • Nick Winser will help ensure the right infrastructure, like the cables and wires of our low carbon energy system, are in place, rapidly reducing the time it takes to boost electricity flow
  • This follows announcements of an industry advisor for Great British Nuclear and an Offshore Wind Champion to further boost the UK energy mix – all crucial to delivering the British Energy Security Strategy

Energy Systems Catapult chair Nick Winser CBE has been appointed as the UK’s first Electricity Networks Commissioner, in the government’s latest step to ensure secure, clean and affordable British energy for the long term.

Earlier this year, the UK government set out ambitious targets to boost UK energy generation from clean technologies, such as offshore wind and nuclear reactors. Accelerating the country’s domestic supply of clean and affordable electricity will help to drive down bills and increase energy independence – but this also requires new network infrastructure to support it.

Nick’s new role as Electricity Networks Commissioner will be pivotal in helping ensure the right infrastructure, such as electricity poles and transmission lines, are in the right places so clean, British-generated electricity can flow to households across the country.

This includes dramatically reducing timelines for delivering onshore transmission network infrastructure by around three years and developing recommendations to help halve the end-to-end project process by the mid-2020s.

Nick has extensive experience in the electricity networks field spanning 30 years, and in advising government and industry on energy policy. He has been chair of the Energy Systems Catapult since 2015.

Nick’s appointment follows recent announcements of Simon Bowen as industry advisor for Great British Nuclear, and Tim Pick as the government’s Offshore Wind Champion to further boost the UK energy mix for generations to come.

Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said:

“I am delighted to appoint Nick Winser as the UK’s first Electricity Networks Commissioner.

“Nick will play a pivotal role in ensuring the right network infrastructure is in the right places to ensure households can benefit from our abundant supply of clean, affordable, home-grown energy.”


Nick Winser said:

“Electricity networks are essential to transporting new low carbon power generation, such as that from offshore wind and nuclear, to where it is needed, in homes and businesses across the country, where it will be used more and more for new purposes like charging electric vehicles and heating households through heat pumps.

“I look forward to taking on this important new role where I can help accelerate the delivery of new electricity transmission infrastructure, helping to provide consumers with a secure, reliable, supply of green electricity, while keeping costs as low as possible.”

Nick Winser

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