Coming soon… an exciting digital meeting place for UK innovators and disruptors

Published: 28 January 2021

Energy Launchpad is counting down to launch an exciting, interactive, and collaborative digital meeting place for UK innovators and disrupters to transform energy markets in the UK and internationally.

Energy Launchpad… where your ideas and innovations take off.

Registering to become a member of Energy Launchpad will be free, and when you sign up you will receive regular market updates and energy system insights to help you commercialise.

This membership-only site will offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Tailored support
  • Funding information
  • Global Insight
  • Investment opportunities

Please sign-up to Energy Launchpad In Brief if you would like to be kept updated on when you can register for a free account, and the latest news, events, projects, and opportunities to work with us.


How will Energy Launchpad help me?

  • Are you an SME looking to scale-up and commercialise?
  • Are you an investor actively interested in innovators in the UK energy sector?
  • Are you looking for information on global market insights and opportunities?

Energy Launchpad is the place to be if you are actively working to transform the energy system.

Energy Launchpad has all the services that start-ups need to commercialise, scale up and thrive. From technical expertise on any aspect of the energy system, to support with business modelling and market insights, through to investor introductions or help with identifying funding.

All registered members will have access to our Universal level of support which offers the latest industry updates, market insights, funding, and investment support materials. Selected businesses are able to join our Incubator and Accelerator programmes by applying through our regular Innovator Challenges.

For organisations that are interested in global energy markets, we provide access to international insights and opportunities.

Collaboration and Community

Energy Launchpad will provide direct links to investors who are actively interested in the UK energy sector. We will offer dedicated online spaces where investors and innovators can meet and discuss investment opportunities. These collaboration spaces are also open to innovators to connect with each other, brainstorm, and share ideas and experiences. You can collaborate and meet with individuals or hold group meetings.

Your organisation can appear in Energy Launchpad Community

We are now accepting applications from SMEs to be listed in Energy Launchpad Community, where registered individuals can search for you by your organisation type/activity, and can contact you to collaborate. You are in control over how you can be contacted, and who you collaborate with.

If you would like your organisation to appear, please complete the form available here, which allows us to complete an organisation profile for you in advance of the site launch. Your organisation profile will be searchable to registered users on the day of launch. You are able to add, amend or update your profile once the site is live.

For more information on what our Energy Launchpad team does, and how they can help you, click here.