Digital Energy Services: UK Landscape

Published: 24 October 2019

Two hundred and twelve companies have been identified by Energy Systems Catapult in our updated scoping of the UK’s Digital Energy Landscape.

Providing digital energy services, solutions and assets, these innovative companies are helping to lower energy costs, accelerate the adoption of renewable energy and revolutionise future energy across the UK.

We take a closer look at some of these companies and what they offer the energy sector.


The UK’s Digital Energy Landscape

Innovator Support Platform business lead, Paul Jordan, said: “The digitalisation of energy has the potential to rapidly transform the UK energy system.

“Digitalisation is already beginning to improve the performance of existing assets and infrastructure; while services are emerging, driven by data, that may unlock value across the whole system.

We want to bring innovative companies together – to identify gaps in the market and synergies in their offerings – to deliver the integrated solutions that will benefit consumers.

As a result we need clear visibility of the companies that are innovating in this space and the types of innovations that are emerging – so policy-makers, regulators, investors, and indeed innovators themselves, can remove barriers to energy system integration and drive the scale-up that will enable the UK to lead the world in energy system transformation.”

Let’s take a closer look at some of the companies identified in our digital energy landscape infographic

Energy Consumption: Consumer Services

Consumer services in the digital energy sector span from energy providers to renewable transport services. Here’s some of the UK companies currently working in the digital energy consumer services space;

Digital Utility Transformation

Social Energy

Social energy are revolutionising the energy system for UK consumers through an intelligent AI platform. Their virtual power plant helps to balance the grid and bring savings to customers. By connecting consumers’ solar to energy storage products and trading this energy through AI software, energy bills are reduced and efficiency is maximised.

Green Star Energy

Not only do Green Star energy provide 100% renewable electricity and carbon offsetting, their smarter home plan offers customer awards, including cheaper smart home devices and points to spend on energy saving products.

Bulb Energy

Bulb energy services provide customers with 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. All their energy is bought from renewable generators from across the UK. They have even developed an app to help consumers track their energy use.

Electric Car Shares

Zip Car

Zip car has become the UK’s largest car sharing service, allowing consumers to pay as they go. In 2018 they partnered with Volkswagen to introduce hundreds of electric cars to their London fleet. Their goal is to be fully electric by 2025.

Co Wheels Car Club

Co Wheels Car Club provides low emission, hybrid and electric cars on a pay-as-you-go basis for organisations throughout the UK. Their main priorities are to reduce car ownership and make energy efficient transport options available to everyone. They are always on the lookout for new joint ventures with local and national transport providers.

EV Charging Point Platforms and Operators

Charge Point Services

Charge Point Services offer 107,800 charging spots around the world with access to AC and DC fast charging solutions. Their mobile app makes locating these points easier for customers and they have saved 286,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions so far.

New Motion

New Motion create tailored electric vehicle charging solutions using an app or card. Intuitive, smart technology is used to make their service as efficient as possible. The App allows users to access real-time information on accessibility and tariffs.

Energy Price Comparison Services


By automatically switching customers to the cheapest energy utility option available, Flipper energy services helps customers maintain lower energy bills. This service takes away all of the legwork from consumers, allowing them to pick green only providers through an intelligent algorithm.


Migrate energy services help consumers switch green energy suppliers whilst raising £10 for every switch to go towards local causes, including vulnerable energy customers.

Energy Trading & Transactions

Peer to Peer Energy Trading


Levelise has developed an innovative home energy management system that links domestic battery systems across numerous homes to make them more financially viable. We helped the company to access value-added expertise and skills through our Innovator Support Platform (ISP).


Moixa is a smart battery company that helps renewable energy and power generation work intelligently for individuals and businesses through gridshare and balancing local supply and demand.
Asset Control Management & Energy Software Solutions
Smart Energy Management Systems


Sunamp is a developer of chemical ‘heat batteries’ that can absorb and store thermal energy when it’s cheaper or cleaner to produce and release it again when it’s needed. We’ve been working with Sunamp via the ISP to assess the current market landscape, model how the technology can best be integrated into heating systems and refine the customer proposition.

Predictive Maintenance Products

Neuville Grid Data

Neuville Grid Data gathers high-resolution ‘big data’ electrical measurements off the power grid and associated equipment, such as wind and solar farms allowing you to scrutinise the behaviour of electricity networks and monitor equipment at a level of detail, clarity, and sophistication never achieved before.

We helped Neuville Grid Data company highlight gaps in their business plan and encourage investment.

Virtual Power Plant

Evergreen Smart Power

Manchester-based Evergreen Smart Power are an innovative Virtual Power Plant (VPP) business, aggregating and controlling domestic energy loads resulting from the decarbonisation of transport and heating to suit specific customer, market, generation and grid conditions.

Selected as part of the first intake of our Innovator Support Platform, Evergreen Smart Power was able to access value-added expertise and skills.

Local Energy Systems Data

Extreme Low Energy

Extreme Low Energy has developed low voltage power infrastructure systems that eliminate the waste of AC/DC conversion to run DC-powered electronic devices directly from DC renewable generation and storage.

We’ve been helping them explore wider applications for their innovations through our Innovator Support Platforms and Consumer Insight team.


Digital Energy Solutions UK

The fast-growing digital energy sector has businesses spanning digital platforms, services and physical assets – across residential, commercial, industrial and grid markets – and we’re aiming to identify opportunities and gaps for innovators to capitalise on as the energy sector transforms in the coming years.

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