Digital Energy Week

Published: 28 May 2021

Digitalisation of the energy system is essential to deliver a stable, secure, and cost-efficient system that can unlock value in the new decarbonised, decentralised energy world we are building.

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This is why we are excited to announce Energy Systems Catapult’s ‘Digital Energy Week’ from the 21st – 25th June 2021 showcasing our thought leadership, expertise and offerings around digital and data.


Over the 5 days we will bring you webinars, reports, new insights, videos and exciting announcements with input from industry specialists covering:

  • Updates from the Digital and Data taskforces
  • A deep dive into the AI and Data Science landscape
  • The launch of our Open Data Platform and updates from the Presumed Open Data project
  • Insights into Digital Twins in the energy sector
  • Interoperability with the Living Lab.

Digital Energy Week Webinars


Learnings from Energy Data for Energy Digitalisation Taskforce

Two years on from the publication of the Energy Data Taskforce report A Strategy for a Modern Digitalised Energy System, we look back on the progress so far, recommendations and consider how the work of the Energy Digitalisation Taskforce can enhance and accelerate this progress.

Monday 21st June 2021
1pm – 2pm


AI and Data Science Insights Roundtable

How can AI and Data Science be used unlock potential within the energy sector? In this webinar, Energy Systems Catapult will bring together experts to talk about the ways AI and Machine Learning can transform the energy sector.

Tuesday 22nd June 2021
2pm – 3pm


Digital Twins Energy Landscape Webinar

The Catapult recently conducted a wide-ranging review of the emerging digital twin landscape across the energy sector, in collaboration with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Alongside some innovators  pushing forward the capability of digital twins in the sector, ESC will present research and use cases that identify techniques and targets that could benefit from digital twins.

Thursday 24th June 2021
10am – 11am


From Services to Standards Webinar

In this ESC Digital Week Webinar we will explore the importance of interoperability and how the recently introduced Publicly Available Specification (PAS) Standards on Energy Smart Appliances and Demand Side Response services can support the transformation to a low carbon energy future.

Friday 25th June 2021
10am – 11am