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Energy Launchpad International challenge call for innovators to Thailand

Building on the success of the Energy Launchpad International pilot (2020-2021) in Thailand and India, Energy Systems Catapult is launching a challenge call to Thailand to support six new innovators to enter the market.

The Challenge

This project works closely with innovators to build their capacity to export. Whilst the UK ranks high globally for innovation, this is not matched by export success. Innovators often lack the resources to create full export strategies, and our research shows the two most common things they lack are in-country contacts and market understanding.

Thailand is an advanced market in terms of recognising the importance of smart energy systems which presents a lot of opportunity for UK-Thai collaboration. As we identified in our Thai market deep dive last year, Thailand has ambitious policies in place for electrification of transport and the creation of smart cities and networks. The government have recently announced even more ambitious policies in the sphere of e-mobility and there are early signs of international investment aimed at capitalising on Thailand’s position as an automotive hub in Southeast Asia.

However, UK innovators need support navigating the Thai market because it operates differently and there are unique barriers. UK firms will need to build trusting relationships with local partners in addition to demonstrating a strong product or service. The Catapult combines unique smart energy business model expertise and strong overseas networks to create soft landings for UK innovators in overseas markets.

Who should apply and why

Energy Launchpad International programmes respond to innovators’ needs. We provide a niche, three-phase service based on substantial experience of supporting innovators to commercialise, our specialist knowledge of smart energy systems and our networks overseas. By taking part in the programme, you will have the advantage of a dedicated Incubation Manager, in-country specialist support and a series of masterclasses aimed at familiarising you with the market and giving you the tools you need to build your own export strategy.

The innovation themes we will consider are;

  • E-mobility / smart mobility / EV infrastructure
  • Smart energy networks and storage / micro and mini grids / energy trading
  • Smart streets / smart buildings
  • Customer side of meter solutions

If you have an interest in exporting and are open to learning how to adapt your business model to the Thai market, apply today!

This Challenge Call closes Tuesday 4th January at 4pm. Please apply using our online form or get in touch with our Energy launchpad International to discuss how you can get involved.

Successful applicants must be available for an onboarding event, marking the start of the programme, on Thursday 6th January. Successful applicants will be notified on Wednesday 5th January.


Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Value proposition of your product or service to the energy system
  • Customer value proposition (we will help you to develop this in relation to the Thai market as part of our programme but you need to evidence some awareness in your answer)
  • Your team’s key resources
  • Your current go to market strategy
  • Your funding for the next 12 months
  • Key partners you are likely to require
  • Key activities in your business plan

Process & Next Steps

View our briefing event to learn more about this challenge call.

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Successful innovators will join a small, select cohort and meet our Incubation Manager for diagnostic sessions in January. You’ll begin our masterclass series in January. We aim to facilitate your engagement in the market throughout February and March. You’ll be supported at the end of the programme to continue with your export strategy and you’ll have access to our Energy Launchpad alumni group after the programme close.

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