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Living Lab experts available for Free Virtual Sessions – Book Now!

There are many constraints on businesses during this challenging time, so Energy Systems Catapult want to support innovators now, so they are able to hit the ground running as we start to return to normality.

We remain committed to helping SMEs accelerate their innovative products, services and business models to market across the energy sector. Never has that been more important than now.

Book a free, virtual ‘Meet the Experts’ session to discuss your ideas and understand how the Living Lab could help

For innovators striving to:

  • Provide high quality low carbon energy solutions
  • Design digital products and services for homes
  • Establish the value of behind-the-meter flexibility
  • Create new cross-vector business models in the home
  • Unlock new potential market opportunities

In these sessions, you’ll get to meet our expert team behind the Living Lab, find out more about how it works and get your questions answered.

Please email Marc Brown, Commercial Lead, to book your session.

What is the Living Lab?

The Living Lab is a 100-homes test environment for businesses to trial new heat products and services with people in homes upgraded with room-by-room sensors and smart heating controls. Producing a wealth of data, our experts help innovators rapidly design, market-test and launch smart energy products and services. This allows innovators and businesses to collect integral data from real life contexts.

We have recently made significant improvements and upgrades to the Living Lab, and are now operating an open, truly interoperable and scalable digital integration platform to trial innovative new products, services and business models, including integration with mainstream smart heating controls, smart meters, IoT devices, and EV smart chargers.

How does the Living Lab help innovators?

  • Trial a product: test new products (e.g. heating devices, smart chargers, flexibility platforms) with real consumers, or validate an existing product to engage investors or qualify for support.
  • Trial a service: learn how to sell energy as a service with real consumers, and market-test your smart energy service through our online digital marketplace.
  • Trial a business model: learn how a new business model works in practice without interrupting your business-as-usual work, and explore whether an alternative value proposition actually has the appeal you imagined with real consumers.
  • Unlock new market potential: take advantage of an opportunity to demonstrate how your product/service/data can enhance another innovator’s value proposition, by integrating your products/services into the Living Lab digital platform opening a two-way dialogue to enhance your products/services and trials.

Please email Marc Brown, Living Lab Commercial Lead, to book your session.

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