Project to transform GB power system by 2030 moves to second phase

Published: 14 December 2016

A project to transform the electricity system across Great Britain to enable the country to respond to decarbonisation by 2030 will move to a second phase after receiving funding from Innovate UK.

The team that worked in collaboration to deliver the Future Power System Architecture (FPSA) project – the Energy Systems Catapult and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) – will now work on FPSA2, which will report in April 2017.

The vision for FPSA2 is to work across the energy industry to create a platform to determine a system architecture for the whole electricity system in Great Britain and to advance implementation of this architecture. FPSA2 builds on the first phase of the project, which was commissioned by the former Department of Energy and Climate Change, (whose portfolio in now part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy). The findings called on the power industry and government to focus urgently on delivering new capabilities to transform GB’s power system architecture by 2030 – making it fit to respond to the challenges presented by the energy trilemma: decarbonisation; security of supply and; affordability.

Eric Brown, Head of Innovation at the Energy Systems Catapult commented:

“I am really pleased that we have been able to secure funding for the second phase of the FPSA project. Addressing some of the lessons from the first phase, FPSA2 will engage with a broad range of stakeholders, including new and emerging players. In line with our and the IET’s approach to the energy challenge, the project will take a whole systems approach, bringing in more elements of the system to ascertain the opportunities for consumers. FPSA2 will uncover many complex issues, so there is a real need to consult effectively with a diverse audience.”

Dr Simon Harrison, Chair of the FPSA Project Delivery Board and the IET Energy Policy Panel said:

“FPSA2 is very exciting as it brings us closer to our ultimate goal of creating a new system architecture that can make our electricity system fit and ready for the challenges of substantial decarbonisation by 2030. During this second stage of the project, we will build on our work in the mainstream electricity sector by engaging much more with consumer facing innovation, and the worlds of smart cities and community energy. We will test the extent to which existing industry arrangements can allow radical change, and start to build the implementation frameworks of the future.”

In preparation for the delivery of FPSA2, the project has been split into six smaller work packages to coordinate and manage activity effectively. A number of leads for the work packages have also been identified along with the appointment of a series of external suppliers and contractors to support the delivery.

The Catapult will receive funding from Innovate UK to develop and deliver FPSA2. Ian Meikle, Director – Infrastructure Systems, Innovate UK, said:

“The Energy Systems Catapult is a vital part of Innovate UK’s work to develop the market and help companies commercialise solutions that can help deliver affordable, sustainable and secure energy. This project builds on the great work already achieved and aims to meet the energy challenges we face.”

A copy of the Full and Summary Reports from the first phase of the project can be viewed and downloaded from the Catapult FPSA Project page and the IET FPSA page.