SP Energy Networks and Energy Systems Catapult form Strategic Partnership

  • New partnership between SP Energy Networks and Energy Systems Catapult to support the continued development of Whole Systems thinking across SP Energy Networks
  • Part of SP Energy Networks RIIO-ED2 Whole System Strategy, this is the first of several key strategic partnerships that will help unlock the value of Whole Systems thinking and support the transition to Net Zero

SP Energy Networks and the Energy Systems Catapult have entered into a new, strategic partnership to help unlock Whole Systems thinking.

The partnership’s first project will begin in November and will see Energy Systems Catapult and SP Energy Networks implement industry best practice into its business alongside development tools and training materials to support the evolution of Whole Systems in SP Energy Networks.

Together, the distribution network operator and the independent, not-for-profit research and development centre for accelerating Net Zero energy innovation, will work to identify approaches that will support efficient investment in the electricity network and to achieve a just transition to Net Zero for customers.

A Whole Systems approach considers how physical assets and technologies need to integrate with policy, market and digital developments across energy vectors, including heat, electricity and fuel, and sectors including domestic, commercial and industrial, and transport. Encouraging cooperation and coordination across various stakeholders, alongside the changing energy needs of customers, to develop and deliver approaches that will benefit end users and support the transition to Net Zero.

On partnering with Energy Systems Catapult, Mark Goudie, Whole System Manager of SP Energy Networks said: “We’re thrilled to be working with the Energy Systems Catapult using their energy transition expertise and independent, national and local Whole System analysis and modelling capabilities to help us further develop our Whole System thinking.

“Our mission is to unlock the full value of Whole System thinking, by collaborating not only with other electricity companies, but also key stakeholders including gas and water networks, innovators, network users, non-regulated companies, local areas and communities to ensure efficient investment in the electricity network and to achieve a just transition to Net Zero for customers.”

Nathaniel Bottrell, Senior Advisor – Whole Systems & Networks, at Energy Systems Catapult, said: “Energy Systems Catapult is delighted to be supporting SP Energy Networks to take a Whole Systems approach to accelerating Net Zero. Through the strategic partnership we will understand the challenges and opportunities being faced by Network Operators as they transition to a strategic role, facilitating new markets to actively manage the network.

“Energy Systems Catapult has a unique position, bridging the gap between academia, industry and government which enables us to bring cutting edge thinking and innovation best practice to bear on challenges being faced by SP Energy Networks.

“Whole System thinking allows us to uncover how changes in individual elements of the energy system, or the connections between them, will impact the broader system dynamics. Ensuring plans for evolving the future energy system to Net Zero will unlock opportunities and investments that accelerate the transformation of the UK’s energy system, to reduce carbon emissions, rapidly, in the most efficient and cost-effective way.”

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