UK Smart Heating and Cooling Landscape – have your say

Published: 7 July 2020

Following the success of our Digital Energy Landscape project, Energy Systems Catapult is calling for companies who are involved in the Smart Heating and Cooling sector to get in touch so that we can identify those who are transforming this fast-growing energy sector.

Smart Heating and Cooling Landscape – who should be included?

We are seeking product or service innovators that are delivering innovative heating and cooling solutions to a range of customers. Solutions should be part of the wider energy system by encouraging engagement with low carbon technologies, cross-vector solutions and energy reduction measures. Examples could include:

  1. Improving performance and cost effectiveness of building fabric retrofit and low carbon heating and cooling solutions;
  2. Better targeted retrofit in homes through the combination of data/simulation/control and packaged installed solutions which could unlock performance guarantee approaches;
  3. Lower carbon hybrid heating/cooling solutions for occupied buildings;
  4. Advanced multi zone control solutions as an enabler for better performing and more appealing low carbon heating and cooling and delivery of new energy service business model;
  5. Innovative solutions within district heating networks that allows improved aggregation and optimisation of the network;
  6. Diurnal to multi-day or seasonal heating and cooling storage and related deployment solutions.
  7. Reclamation of waste heat/cold to be used within other energy or industrial services.
  8. Any other services that utilise or provide heating and cooling within other environments

The focus of this landscape is around the smart, digital, connected heating and cooling solutions that utilise data to encourage consumer engagement to deliver services and outcomes.

If you fit the profile below and would like to appear on the landscape, please complete the form HERE. This initial consultation will close during August. On completion, we will distribute a first look of the landscape for wider consultation before final publication.