Atamate is a smart building platform that focuses on precise automated control and continuous monitoring of the internal environment to reduce energy consumption, simplify building management and optimise maintenance – while increasing occupant comfort and security.

The firm has been selected by Energy Systems Catapult’s Energy Launchpad to receive specialist business support to accelerate the growth of Atamate’s new offerings and explore the best approach to achieving recognition under the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for energy performance in homes.

The Smart Home Innovation

After almost a decade of experience installing a wired system, Atamate launched a long-planned move to develop a simplified and lower cost wireless software platform – the Atamate Building Operating System (ABOS) – spurred by the launch of Bluetooth’s BT5 Mesh in 2017.

Oxford-based Atamate brings together four core disciplines in construction, building physics, software development and electrical engineering, to develop a smart building platform that includes four technologies:

  • Atamate Devices – Bluetooth or wired sensors and actuators.
  • Atamate Control – software that runs apps that provide functionality within the building (heating, ventilation and air conditioning control, lighting control, entry management, etc).
  • Atamate Data – processing data collected from a building to provide further insights and value.
  • Atamate Design Studio – design and installation tools that allow the easy installation of the ABOS.

With these technologies Atamate aims to deliver:

  • Energy savings – by linking heating and cooling systems to occupancy detection. An academic paper with Oxford Brookes showed the system can exceed PassivHaus standards with a 3-5 year payback on electrically heated or cooled buildings.
  • Building Management – providing information on the current state and the historic use of a building. Particularly applicable to tracking people or items around commercial or industrial buildings (e.g. an oxygen cylinder in a hospital).
  • Maintenance – real-time monitoring for building services and maintenance – like testing fire alarms.
  • Security – both sensor-based monitoring for protection but also exploring elderly care – with a current BRE project looking at Dementia housing.
  • Indoor Environment – includes indoor air quality (CO2, particulates etc), audio system, circadian lighting etc. Recently won an Innovate UK prize to build a UV-C sterilisation system to support return to work post Covid-19.

The Energy Challenge

Atamate have been developing the solution and gaining experience in the field since 2010. With the inclusion of wireless capability into the devices, the potential to scale the solution increases significantly.

Yet there are a number of challenges to overcome to achieve that scale, such as energy the value proposition for different customer groups is clear – such as services for new build and retrofit homes or commercial property.

Additionally, because occupancy-based controls are not currently recognised in the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), which is used to assess and support the energy and environmental performance of dwellings, there is no incentive for builders and other large-scale property portfolio owners to deploy these technologies.

The Innovative Solution

Energy Systems Catapult is home to the Energy Launchpad, which provides carefully selected innovators with tailored business incubation and acceleration support to help address barriers to growth, de-risk innovation, scale-up the business and secure investment.

The Innovative Solution

Energy Systems Catapult is home to the Energy Launchpad that draws on our capabilities and assets, along with those of our partners. The Energy Launchpad provides innovators with tailored incubation and acceleration support to help address systemic barriers, de-risk innovation, help businesses scale and secure investment.

Energy Launchpad’s Accelerator programme offers scale-up support for selected high-impact potential SMEs. Support includes those areas outlined in incubation but in more depth, as well as help to access demonstration environments such as our Living Lab, engagement with potential corporate clients and investors, and links to international opportunities.

Energy Launchpad – Accelerator

Energy Systems Catapult and its partners will deliver:

The Energy Launchpad will recommend options and pathways to help Atamate achieve SAP recognition, unlocking one of the key barriers to market growth, and will identify and prioritise the most appealing markets sectors, service propositions and monetisation models by using a combination of qualitative consumer research and business model innovation.

  • Storytelling for Start Ups: Delivered as a masterclass for all SME’s to develop clear and compelling value proposition messaging for use with a range of audiences from customers to partners and investors.
  • SAP Accreditation Assessment: Atamate want to develop an approach towards gaining recognition of Automation and Occupancy based controls into SAP. Develop a detailed understanding of Atamate innovation and current body of evidence/testing data to explore options for the most expedient and cost-effective route to achieve SAP recognition and testing/validation needed to support.
  • Business Model Innovation: Review of Atamate’s existing market segmentation work and stress test current value proposition, assumptions, revenue model for residential and commercial. Working with two target customer types, develop detailed use cases and value propositions that will support early customer acquisition and follow on value added services sales.
  • Consumer Insights: To validate the Customer Value Propositions for smarter/greener homes in the new build market with developers and homebuyers. Also explore a ‘service design’ blueprint for Atamate’s proposition looking at how a service is sold, contracted, installed, maintained and billed.

Energy Launchpad

Turning clean energy innovators into entrepreneurs. Propelling SMEs step-by-step through technical validation towards commercial vindication.

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