Climate Innovation Platform

The Climate Innovation Platform (CIP) has selected its third cohort of Climate innovators focusing on developing low carbon energy solutions.

Delivered by the University of Birmingham in partnership with Energy Systems Catapult, the CIP Low Carbon Energy Solutions Innovator Challenge offers successful applicants tailored packages of support to drive the commercialisation of innovative energy products and services.

Supported by HSBC UK – applications are welcomed from businesses registered in the UK, and particularly those who can take advantage of the Climate Innovation Incubator based at Tyseley Energy Park, in Birmingham.

Commencing in 2021 so far, we have supported 67 Climate-focused businesses on their entrepreneurial journey with a range of business development support; including training, funding, 1:1 mentoring, space, access to expertise and more.

We have supported a variety of businesses on the programme, including data insights, heat pumps, measurement challenges, solar, residential decarbonisation, energy platforms, storage and waste solutions, Batteries, EV charging and Vehicles.

Cohort 4 commences in January 2024 to register your interest: click here.

The Innovator Challenge

The commercialisation of energy technologies and services is vital for the success of our government’s commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2050. Yet many businesses do not have access to the commercialisation services needed to research the market needs, test and validate their technical solutions or access partners, funding and routes lo market.

The Solution

The University of Birmingham in partnership with the Energy Systems Catapult and supported by HSBC UK, offers businesses a package of tailored support to address these challenges and drive the commercialisation of innovative energy products and services to help build an energy system to secure a Net Zero world.

  • Energy Launchpad: Tailored incubation and acceleration support from the Energy Systems Catapult to help address systemic barriers. de-risk innovation, help businesses scale and secure investment.
  • Consumer Insight: To help design and test consumer propositions.
  • Business Model Innovation: To identify, validate and test the viability of business models – unlocking value and supporting credible, investable routes to market.
  • Systems Engineering: To consider the integration of physical, digital and market systems.
  • Data & Digital: To understand each solutions data needs and Software as a services proposition.
  • Whole Systems Modelling: System and product modelling to test, and verify the innovations value.
  • Engagement with our corporate, public sector and investor network: personalised introductions and engagement with potential customers and funders.
  • Markets, Policy & Regulation: Understand each innovations regulatory landscape, and potential income paths.
  • Manufacturing support: Including energy technology R&D, prototyping and access to a platform to test and demonstrate innovative ideas.
  •  Tyseley Energy Park  – Office/workshop space: Shared workshop areas or a virtual presence in our incubation space at Tyseley Energy Park in the heart of Birmingham. Businesses based at Tyseley Energy Park will also have access to secure and renewable power.
  • University Expertise & Facilities: Through our CIP – Incubation Manager you can tap into the talent (staff and students), facilities, and other business development opportunities at The University of Birmingham.
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Twelve SME innovators selected - Cohort three

The ScanTheSun software is an innovative approach to the design of cost-effective and energy-efficient solar installations and tools for their sale by manufacturers and installers.

It is an intuitive application for the non-specialist, performing an instant online installation project with an energy yield forecast.

Revolutionary technology in Business Information Modelling utilizing AR (Augmented Reality) to increase solar panels efficiency by 35%. Developing a Solar PV installation blueprint designed in just 1 minute using satellite and on-site data”.

20,000+ users in 173 countries. UN Habitat/WUF Energy Innovation Challenge 2022 Winner.

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First Editions is the largest, specialist trade manufacturer of British-made, branded sports bottles and drinkware. With businesses increasingly demanding trust and traceability from their suppliers, we place sustainability centre stage and offer complete transparency throughout our supply chain. Products are designed, tested, manufactured and branded in-house in our dedicated, production facility located south of Birmingham.

We utilise market insight and trend analysis to deliver a stream innovative new products in a host of thirst-quenching sizes and exciting colour palettes. Over the coming eighteen months we are launching an exciting collection that will revolutionise the single use coffee cup market.

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Hubl Logistics empowers mid and last-mile delivery companies, SMBs, and fresh & frozen food producers to achieve sustainable, cost-effective temperature-controlled transportation by utilizing our cutting-edge Coolrun pods.

These pods eliminate the need for traditional refrigeration units, significantly reduce CO2 emissions, and provide a flexible, environmentally friendly solution for a greener future.

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nested loop is on a mission to put power in the hands of the people. We develop and sell smart home energy storage systems, that empower people to increase the amount of renewable energy they’re using, save money on their bills, and contribute to the energy security of wider society.

We use ML algorithms to learn, predict, and automate a home’s energy flow, optimising it to achieve the lowest energy bills or greenest consumption.

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Furbnow delivers low-carbon homes without the hassle from plan to delivery with our vetted marketplace powered by our Home Digital Twin Platform.

We help homeowners and private landlords looking to invest in energy efficiency in their property. Today, it’s too hard to navigate conflicting advice and find quality installers. Furbnow starts with a Home Energy Plan to help homeowners and landlords figure where to start and then design, deliver and monitor the project. We integrate each stage of the project cycle to provide simplicity for homeowners and landlords.

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Daphnia Water Solutions take a unique and path-breaking approach to the problem of persistent chemical pollution in surface and wastewater by delivering a bio-based tertiary water treatment technology for the removal of persistent chemical pollutants.

The technology uses the waterflea Daphnia as a microscopic ‘vacuum cleaner’ to remediate wastewater, enabling its reuse. Our technology is scalable, low-cost, low-carbon, and retrofittable. It prevents pollution of water resources, promoting resilient ecosystems. The technology is currently at trial stage in a near real world environment at Severn Trent Water.

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The film and TV sector is severely under-represented by minorities of different backgrounds both on and off the cameras. Checklist Films Ltd will bring entertaining and informative feature films/TV productions to a global audience by utilising diverse and innovative talent from our base in the West Midlands, UK.

We plan to build, develop and sustain the permanent staffing and infrastructure to create a continuous flow of moving image entertainment products. We will become a pioneer in the UK film industry for decarbonising all of our activities thus ensuring we make film productions that take nothing from our planet but give much to society.

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Peer Carbon is creating a new revenue stream for investing in green energy technologies. Peer Carbon is a B2B, SaaS Platform company, targeting the UK and European energy technology asset owners (heat pumps, solar PV and EVs).

Peer Carbon delivers hourly, location based carbon accounting and through its Carbon Flex API can enable businesses to reduce carbon emissions by a further 10 – 15%. Peer Carbon is live with a pilot in London, with support from The Mayor of London.

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ELPS Energy mission is to support the decarbonization of Real Estate. We will achieve our objective by creating a one-stop shop platform for energy efficiency works connecting vetted suppliers and consumers and providing innovative Pay-For-Performance (P4P) financing solutions.

With this service, we aim to solve the biggest consumers’ problems related to implementing energy efficiency retrofits: big upfront investments; complicated customer journey; and lack of interest in using personal finances for energy efficiency retrofits.

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Rendesco is the UK’s leading company in the design and build of low-carbon heat networks using heat pump technology. Our heat networks provide heating and hot water for 3,000+ homes across the UK, generating more than 14GWh of low-carbon heat and saving millions of kg/CO2 per year.

With a strong focus on quality and bespoke design, we cater to the unique needs of every project to ensure successful outcomes. We’re committed to advancing the transition to renewable heating and we offer end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate heat pump led heat networks into our clients’ overall energy strategies.

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Kaasai is a software company building fast automated data processing pipelines and light weight fast  automated data connection capabilities for stakeholders in the renewable and energy transition industry. Our focus is on energy systems and the relevant stakeholders to enable efficient use of assets within the eco system through quick and accurate data.

Layering powerful analytics and AI models in our system to consume and utilise the data being managed on our platform will enable predictive scenarios and quick decision making by important stakeholders to drive efficiency in our energy system.

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After 10 years of incubating our water treatment technology at Aston University and the University of Birmingham, Salinity Solutions Ltd was formed as a spinout in 2021. Beta testing of our high efficiency water treatment technology, known as Batch Reverse Osmosis, is complete and commercialisation has started.

We took our first commercial order from a municipal water customer in April 2023. Pilot trials for different treatment applications are ongoing and we have multiple paid-for engineering development projects to upscale the technology in the pipeline.

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