Hydrogen Innovation Initiative

As the industry powers onwards to Net Zero, the way we produce, use and store energy is changing. Our power, heating and transport systems must decarbonise if we are to achieve this target, and so a mix of low-carbon, renewable energy sources are needed.

The Hydrogen Innovation Initiative (HII) is a trusted group of organisations working with industry, government, and academia to create an investible, globally competitive hydrogen technology and services sector, here in the UK.

We are committed to our vision of UK technology powering the global hydrogen economy, transforming our industry into a Net Zero Powerhouse.

The mission is supporting UK industry to anchor high-value jobs, boost resilience and drive decarbonisation by accelerating the development of critical technologies and supply chains for the fast-growing hydrogen economy.

The Approach

HII brings together 11 organisations and 40 locations across the UK, with 5000 people to drive industry-led Hydrogen innovation across:

  • Production/Generation – Accelerating renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production.
  • Storage – Holding useful hydrogen energy until it is needed.
  • Distribution – Developing safe and efficient hydrogen distribution technologies.
  • Consumption – Developing new hydrogen applications in power, transport, industry, and heating.
Figure 1: HII will support end to end industry-led Hydrogen innovation.

Figure 1: HII will support end to end industry-led Hydrogen innovation.

Technology Areas

Hydrogen Production Technologies

Methods to produce low carbon hydrogen, as defined by UK low carbon hydrogen standard.

Propulsion and Power Generation

The use of hydrogen for propulsion or to generate power, either through fuel cells or combustion engines.


Preparation of hydrogen for distribution and use, including compression, liquification and purification.

Distribution and Control

Components required to safely distribute and deliver hydrogen, covering both infrastructure and on-vehicle.

Heat Generation

Use of hydrogen for heat, considering industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Hydrogen as a Feedstock

Hydrogen used as a feedstock in production processes including chemical processing and material production.

Hydrogen Storage

Storage of hydrogen as a gas, liquid or using carriers, for numerous scales and applications.

Thermal Management

Thermal management required for hydrogen end to end.

Monitoring and Metering

Using sensors and monitoring systems to ensure the safe and efficient operation of hydrogen systems.

Hydrogen News, Projects, Reports and Insights


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Case Study

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Figure 2: Hydrogen Innovation Initiative partners and HII Seed programme funder Innovate UK

Figure 2: Hydrogen Innovation Initiative partners and HII Seed programme funder Innovate UK

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