Local Net Zero solutions for a global problem

To achieve Net Zero by 2050 we need to think about how we tackle emissions on a local level. This means turning local plans into action. To achieve this, local authorities and those in the broader public sector need easy and affordable access to data, guidance, and support.

Through Net Zero Data, Net Zero Go, Public Sector Decarbonisation Guidance, and Local Area Energy Planning, we’re helping local places turn their climate commitments into action. These tools, techniques, plans, and guidance are helping local authorities to navigate the maze of Net Zero planning, to create approaches to decarbonisation that local people, communities and businesses can rally behind.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need a helping hand to get your Net Zero plans across the line, we’re on hand to support you on your low carbon mission.

Save time and streamline your project delivery

Net Zero Go is a free platform for local authorities; helping you access the tools, guidance and support you need to deliver Net Zero energy projects in your area.
Whether you’re building the latest business case for your portfolio or working on your first energy project, sign up to access:

    • An easily searchable hub of 800+ guides, toolkits and resources
    • Interactive roadmaps, checklists, and tools to help you build your project
    • Downloadable real-world case studies, business models and templates to help you communicate your ideas
    • An exclusive online forum for local authority users to connect and collaborate around your project challenges

Net Zero Go

Take your local energy project further, faster all in one powerful platform.

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Do more in less time with ready-to-use datasets

Unleash your Net Zero potential with high quality, ready-to-use datasets with Net Zero Data – providing actionable insights to save you time, resource, and effort when planning and delivering Net Zero projects.

  • Identify existing energy assets
  • Enable targeted decision-making
  • Pinpoint potential project locations
  • Facilitate project design and delivery

Wherever you are in Great Britain, access unparalleled insights and ready-to-use, regularly updated information and data with our comprehensive suite of cost-effective high-quality datasets, including potential locations for:

  • renewables and storage
  • renewable heat
  • building retrofits
  • electric vehicle chargers

Net Zero Data

A comprehensive suite of high-quality datasets to support and speed up your Net Zero journey.

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Turn Net Zero ambition into action

Each local area is unique, and the right decarbonisation strategy will depend on the geography, building types, energy infrastructure, energy demand, resources, urban growth plans and low carbon ambitions and investment plans of communities and stakeholders.

The Place team at the Catapult help Local Authorities turn Net Zero ambition into action.

We empower councils by helping them to mobilise the plans, projects and approaches needed to decarbonise a local area and convene the right stakeholders to enable investment and success.

Local Area Energy Planning  (LAEP) is  recognised as the leading method for translating national Net Zero targets into local energy system action with plans that are collaborative, data-driven and cost-effective.

Every month around 10 new local councils commit to taking climate action by pursuing a LAEP, with the overall number fast approach 100 in total.

Local Area Energy Planning

Our pioneering evidence-based approach uses whole systems thinking to identify the best route for your local area to achieve Net Zero.

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Making public sector decarbonisation simpler

The public sector estate is the biggest, most diverse property portfolio in the UK. It is the platform from which almost all public services are provided and can play a vital role in reducing the UKs carbon emissions.  The Public Sector Decarbonisation Guidance is a suite of freely available guides, tools and templates on the Energy Systems Catapult website.  The guidance is commissioned by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero and the Office of Government Property and builds on the Catapult’s real-world knowledge of decarbonising the public sector estate.

The PSDG can help you:

  • Prepare high quality grant funding applications
  • Get started on your estate decarbonisation journey
  • Understand more about technologies and approaches such as installing heat pumps or implementing power purchase agreements
  • Work effectively with senior decision makers to get projects signed off and delivered
  • Develop a comprehensive programme for decarbonisation across your estate

Public Sector Decarbonisation Guidance

Accelerating carbon emissions reduction across public sector buildings, sites and estates with simplicity, speed and scale.

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