Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom

The Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom project is focusing on developing diverse, local markets to support the transition, to hydrogen and renewables, of the cluster of major energy infrastructure along the Milford Haven Waterway.

Energy Systems Catapult is providing Energy Kingdom with expert guidance and support through our Energy Revolution Integration Service, including help with Systems Architecture to design a solution that can be used as a template for other Smart Local Energy Systems around the UK.

The project is part of the UK Government’s investment in research and industry in order to develop smart energy systems through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Prospering from the Energy Revolution.

The Challenge

Achieving the UK target of Net Zero carbon emission by 2050 will require a transition away from fossil fuels such a natural gas to lower emission energy sources such as hydrogen. Large scale hydrogen markets may provide essential cross-vector system balancing and inter-seasonal energy storage for an energy system dominated by the UK’s abundant renewables, especially offshore wind and marine resources. This gas to hydrogen transition may be built out from the UK’s critical natural gas infrastructure.

The Milford Haven Waterway is at the centre of nationally important energy infrastructure, with major energy related investment underway, targeting efficiency and decarbonisation. Facilities include South Hook Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminal, Dragon LNG terminal, RWE’s 2.2GW gas-fired power plant, and National Grid’s pipeline that connects the Milford Haven Waterway with other assets like Grain LNG terminal, in Kent, and St Fergus gas terminal, Aberdeenshire.

The Project

The Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom (MH:EK) Detailed Design project will focus on developing diverse, local markets to support the transition, to hydrogen and renewables, of the cluster of major energy infrastructure along the Milford Haven Waterway.

This transition will occur via a mixture of pathways available locally — meeting heating and transportation needs of local communities, including via fuel cell vehicles; creating transport solutions for Pembrokeshire’s 4.2 million annual tourists; H2 production from curtailed onshore wind and solar generators; and improving off-take markets for offshore renewables in the South-Western Approaches, including the consented Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone (PDZ).

Project partners Pembrokeshire County Council, Riversimple, Milford Haven Port Authority, Wales and West Utilities, and Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, with assistance and support from Energy Systems Catapult, RWE, Western Power Distribution, Arup and Welsh Government Energy Services, will design a local, renewables-hydrogen energy system for the Milford Haven Waterway.

This will feature a flexibility trading platform to lower costs for consumers using hydrogen-ready hybrid heat pumps and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and to help lift constraints on local development of solar  wind and offshore renewable power generation. A novel system architecture will allow integration from national to local network levels, and future integration of major natural gas infrastructure and current and future large-scale hydrogen infrastructure.

The project will immediately build hydrogen-ready features and technologies into the Port’s housing, commercial and renewables projects and will allow local people to test real-world hydrogen vehicles and home heating equipment.

The Solution

Energy Systems Catapult created the Energy Revolution Integration Service – to providing expert guidance and support to SLES projects across the UK, as part of the £100 million Innovate UK funded Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme under the Clean Growth Industrial Challenge.

Capabilities supporting Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom include:

  • Systems Architecture – will help design a solution that can be used as a template for for other Smart Local Energy Systems around the UK.  This approach will be made stronger by the incorporation of the views of all players in the hydrogen economy, from generation and storage, transport, import, export to the end users and everything in between.

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Milford Haven : Energy Kingdom – System Architecture Report

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