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To meet the UK’s Net Zero carbon emission targets, we need a total rethink of the way we consume energy. One solution is for consumers to purchase energy as a service, instead of units of fuel (kilowatt hours). This approach has the potential not only to help energy providers to move away from fossil fuels, but also give consumers greater comfort and control at home.

Scene Connect has created a solution to enable providers to sell energy services by calculating bespoke tariffs for customers.

Energy Systems Catapult via the Energy Launchpad will support Scene Connect by providing systems integration, consumer insight and digital and data expertise.

The Innovation

Scene Connect has developed Cloud ZUoS (Zonal-Use-of-Service), a digital platform which lets energy suppliers sell power and heat as a service – similar to how most broadband and mobile phone packages are currently sold – by calculating bespoke tariffs for their customers.

In addition, ZUoS can be used for trading energy with other local homes and businesses and providing automated grid management services for network operators. This technology will allow them to increase efficiency, enable more agile management of the energy system, and reward local generation, supply and flexibility.

Using anonymised data, the platform can simulate a range of new energy system scenarios and suggest appropriate charging structures for different types of consumer within an energy-as-a-service offering.

The Challenge

Domestic energy-as-a-service is completely unavailable to consumers right now. Value from providing energy-as-a-service can be achieved in the short term by allowing suppliers to attract new customers, install appropriate technologies and maximise the on-site use of installed micro-generation.

In the medium term, within emerging DSO flexibility markets, and new regulatory environments, ZUoS will allow suppliers to provide flexibility and reduce costs by reducing upstream impacts of local energy usage.

ZUoS could play an important role in the decarbonisation of heat and transport by controlling consumer assets in accordance with local renewable generation. This allows the electricity system to be operated as efficiently as possible, transitioning away from high-carbon energy more quickly whilst maintaining security of supply.

The main goal of this Power Forward funded pilot is to show that there is enough value to network operators in local flexibility, for a market to be created. Potentially unlocking new revenue streams that support the broader development of a flexibility market place.

The Solution

Energy Systems Catapult is home to the Energy Launchpad, which provides carefully selected innovators with tailored business incubation and acceleration support to help address barriers to growth, de-risk innovation, scale-up the business and secure investment.


Scale-up support for selected high-impact potential SMEs. Support includes those areas outlined in incubation but in more depth, as well as help to access demonstration environments such as our Living Lab, engagement with potential corporate clients and investors, and links to international opportunities.

Energy Systems Catapult and its partners will deliver:

  • Whole system design research
  • Technical functional requirements assessment
  • Market research and options appraisal for required 3rd party communication system infrastructure
  • Market research and options appraisal for 3rd party behind-the-meter infrastructure
  • System interoperability design with third party providers
  • Whole system integration design
  • Assessment of data protection and cyber resiliency requirements
  • Software platform system architecture.

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