Increasing diversity in the heating sector to address the skills shortage and meet Net Zero

This project is part of Energy Systems Catapult’s work on Skills and Training for Net Zero Homes and complements the Fair Futures Programme, which was created to predict and prevent risks that can come from innovation and ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits. Energy Systems Catapult worked with Livework to address the following research objectives:

  • Identify and explore the barriers for women and ethnic minorities working in the heating sector
  • Identify opportunities for improving diversity and growing the workforce
  • Explore how a more diverse workforce might support the Net Zero transition

The report was produced in partnership with Livework who conducted both desk research and a series of structured interviews with participants across the heating industry. A mix of participants were sought with men, women, and ethnic minorities being interviewed for the report.

Key findings: 

The research highlights that the key needs for women and ethnic minorities entering or staying in the heating sector are:

  • Increased availability and awareness of fair job opportunities
  • The option to train and work flexibly
  • A healthy and inclusive environment, in which they feel a sense of belonging

Survey responses

The report calls for employers, industry bodies, training providers, and political bodies to:

  • Increase availability and awareness of fair job opportunities
  • Tailor training to individual’s needs, prior experiences, and ambitions
  • Tackle discrimination to achieve a healthy and inclusive environment

Dr. Vivien Kizilcec, Consumer Research Manager at Energy Systems Catapult and co-author of the report, said:

“The report points to clear actions we can take to overcome the many barriers to entry that individuals face when exploring a career in the heating sector. From making recruitment content more inclusive and accessible to providing inclusive work environments and physical spaces, there are a number of tangible actions, not tokenistic interventions that we can make”.

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Increasing diversity in the heating sector to address the skills shortage and meet Net Zero

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